Hildegard’s Bakery Will Have you Bingi(e)n’

For the last two or three years I’ve been having people ask me if I was familiar with the pizza nights put on by Integrity Foods. Only by people talking about them (one thing about not driving, rural events are mainly missed). Then one day I was talking with my friend Travis Unger. Travis and his wife Stephanie, run a small property management firm in the Spence Nieghbourhood, and are friends of mine from my days back at St. Vital Evangelical Mennonite Church.

Hildegards Oven

The wood-fired oven that is the heart of Hildegards Bakery.

On this occasion he told me that the son of the owners of Integrity Foods was looking at opening a bakery in town, including offering pizzas. As time went by I started to more about this new bakery, as the owners also have connections to some of the people I know at St. Margaret’s.

Over the last few months I’ve watched the southwest corner of Portage Avenue and Maryland Street. During this time I’ve had some contact with Dave Newsom one of the owner’s of Hildegard’s, and have anxiously awaited it’s opening. Continue reading


A Holy Meal – Gordon T Smith

About three and a half years ago, I started looking for suggestions on books dealing with Holy Communion. At the time, Tom Wright’s The Meal Jesus Gave Uswas the only one I followed through on. I’ve been collecting and starting to read through other books since then. One of the first one’s I’ve finished is A Holy Meal: The Lord’s Supper in the Life of the Church, by Gordon T. Smith.

A Holy Meal makes a good introduction to the Lord's Supper.

A Holy Meal makes a good introduction to the Lord’s Supper.

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St. Norbert’s Farmer’s Market

Yesterday afternoon, after a side trip to visit the Theatre by the River garagesale, I took a trip up to the Farmer’s Market in St. Norbert.  Before talking about the market itself, I have to say I really appreciated the way the new rapid transit system from Winnipeg Transit, accommodated my trip. Not only was the trip reasonably quick, but my transfer allowed me to make the trip on one fare, which is always  a bonus when traveling by bus.

The market itself contains a wide variety of vendors, both of food and of arts, crafts, and occasionally, furniture.  I can’t afford the furniture, and arts & crafts hold no real appeal for me, so my visit was concentrated on the food.  As a tip, if you wish to get fresh produce, arrive early, as by the time I got there around 2pm, the selection was greatly reduced and much of what was there, was beginning to wilt significantly. Continue reading