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Staub La Cocotte – My Favourite Pot

Let me start by saying that this post about a Staub pot, is in no way sponsored by the company or any of it’s retailers. I did receive it as a gift, but this is simply my take on the pot. Despite having owned this pot for the best part of two years, it was…


Roughage Eatery – Sherbrook Street

Roughage Eatery is a new, vegan restaurant located on Sherbrook Street in the house that used to be the home of Khao House. If you read the blog you know I am not a vegan. However, I try and keep on top of the movements within dining out. Plus. there is no reason that if…

Reviews and Such bakery Restaurants

La Belle Baguette

With Le Croissant just down the street from St. Philip’s I have ready access to French pastry most of the year. However, if one French bakery in the vicinity is good news, two is even better. So, when I heard that La Belle Baguette would be opening I was very happy. La Belle Baguette is…