Nathan Detroit’s Sandwich Pad

A few weeks ago, I was wandering through the underground at Portage and Main. I wandered down underneath the CIBC building, and noticed that Nathan Detroit’s Sandwich Pad has a new location. It’s been years since I last visited, back when it was tucked in the back corner of the building.

Nathan Detroit's Hot Mustard

The hot mustard from Nathan Detroit’s Sandwich Pad lives up to the name.

It took me a few days to get back there, but I paid my first visit a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, all the pictures I took on that occasion have disappeared from my phone, so the pictures in this post are all from the second time around.

The space at Nathan Detroit’s is wide open, in the shape of an upside down L, with the cross bar at the back of the restaurant. There are plenty of tables, and so I had no trouble getting a seat.

Nathan Detroit’s Sandwich Special

The sandwich board outside the restaurant was advertising a sandwich, appropriately enough. That day it was the Reuben. I really enjoy a good Reuben. This one would qualify as good but not great in my books. Continue reading


ERA Bistro – Human Rights Museum

I have yet to visit the Canadian Museum of Human Rights. I have however managed to make a couple of visits to ERA Bistro, the restaurant housed inside. The first of these visits I made during Le Burger Week Last year, and then I went again a few weeks ago.

The first thing you notice when you walk into ERA Bistro is how wide-open and airy it feels. It contains an interesting mix of tables for small groups along with a very large communal table. One nice touch is when you get to your table, if you ask for water they bring you your own jug. As someone who drinks a lot of water during the course of the day I really appreciate this. Continue reading

Deer + Almond Feat. Le Burger Week

As Le Burger Week is upon us, I decided to visit a couple of restaurants that needed a second visit. These two are also participating in Le Burger Week. The first of these is Deer + Almond. The second is PegBeerCo, of which more another day. My main experience of Deer + Almond is through chef Mandel Hitzer’s involvement in Raw:Almond. A few months back I paid a visit over a lunch hour. I did the same this week taking in Le Burger Week special.

One of the things you often hear about Deer + Almond is that being a tapas restaurant, you don’t get much for what you pay. After two visits I would say that is definitely not true. My first visit I ordered on this assumption. I chose a slider, which I believe isn’t one the current menu, or may have been a special. I added an order of Borscht, show above, and then went with the French Fries with truffle oil, chives and manchego.

Deer + Almond Borscht

Fantastic Borscht from Deer + Almond

The order came to just over $20.00. However, there was almost more food than I could eat. Small plates are meant to be shared. I could easily share such a meal and still feel reasonably satisfied. Then there is the quality.  Continue reading

Better than Baba’s

Better than Babas side view.

Side view of the Better than Baba’s Perogie Truck.

We’re half way into spring in Winnipeg. It seems that just when the warm temps are about to stay, they take a little downward plunge. The food truck scene has been kind of the same way. This week it looks like we’re in for a run of warm weather and it also looks like the food trucks will be hanging around for the summer. A lot of the old favourite are back. There are also a couple of new ones. I saw the Basil Stone pizza truck early in the week on Main, and today visited Better than Baba’s on Broadway.

The menu from Better than Babas

Better than Beba’s menu

The menu for Better than Baba’s focuses on perogies and other Ukranian comfort foods such as cabbage rolls and borscht. It’s menu is similar to that of Baba’s Tall Grass Pantry, in The Forks. Given that my day was split up around the lunch hour, I decide I would make two visits. Yes, I ate two lunches in one day. So, here are my thoughts using my usual food truck formula.


Prices here range from $5.50 for four vegetarian cabbage rolls to $15.00 for the meat perogie combo. Continue reading

SANA SoupHouse Graham Avenue

Introducing SANA SoupHouse

When heading out to eat, I like to find areas where there are a few options available.  The better the options, the more I like an area.  The area around the MB Hydro building is one such area.  There’s Rudy’s, which I haven’t reviewed yet.  There are also several places I have reviewed.  Ming Court, Marcello’s, Kokeb, and of course my home away from home, Twist Café.

Soup sign, with author reflectied.

Soup sign, with author reflectied.

SInce yesterday you can add SANA Souphouse to that list.  Opened across Graham from Twist, SANA SoupHouse hopes to fill the void many people feel with the departure Soup Pierre.  Given my experiences there in the first couple of days, I think this restaurant will more than nicely fill the gap.sana-souphouse-counter


Looks Aren’t Everything, But They Help

The first thing about Sana SoupHouse that caught my attention was how good the space looked.  The walls are painted in what appears to be a slight off-white/light cream colour, with the other predominant colours being red and black.  On the walls hang prints of several Winnipeg scenes taken from the provincial archives.  The bar with the register, several seats, and where the dishes are finished combines old and new in its look. There is also an old-fashioned stove on display. Continue reading