Hong Hing Chinese Restaurant

Hong Hing restaurant on Ellice Avenue, is a  Chinese restaurant of the type I was familiar with growing up. Lots of dishes featuring chop suey and chow mein. However, there are a few Szechuan dishes available on the menu, and even an eight item Dim Sum list.

This is a place that I’ve often wondered, when I passed, if it is still in business. It’s a squat, rather non-descript, exterior that doesn’t appear all that inviting even in the daytime. However, it is also not far from where I live so I thought I should stop in some time.

Hong HIng Sliced Chicken.

The sliced chicken from Hong Hing. The skin is nice and crispy and the chicken is quite good, if slightly overcooked.

Hong Hing specializes in takeout, but there are a few table and about twenty seats in the restaurant if you want to dine in. Although I dined in on my first visit, I got the impression that they would prefer you to place takeout orders. Continue reading


Hot Rod’s Filipino Grill

Hot Rod’s Filipino Grill is another of the new entries into Winnipeg’s Food Truck scene. Winnipeg is home to a large Filipino community, and in recent years restaurants such as Jeepney have been creating an impact on Winnipeg’s dining scene. Hot Rod’s Filipino Grill is building on this.

Hot Rod's Grill

There’s generally a long line up around Hot Rod’s Filipino Grill

The cart features the cooking of Rod Cantiveros and is a joint project with his son Ron, writer for the Filipino Journal, and general man about town. Originally they were just selling Longanisa sausage, but have since expanded to operating the grill. Ron tells the story behind this culinary venture in this article. I recommend that you read the article, and then go out and give Hot Rod’s Filipino Grill a try. On to the review.


Hot Rod’s offers a variety of meat skewers for $3.00 each. I’ve also had the thigh one chicken leg for $4.00. The Longadog, the highlight dish on the menu is available for $8.00 without toppings or $10.00 with. This is a little pricier than some food truck items, but the Longadog is homemade, and it is also more substantial than the smokies out on the street.  4/5 Continue reading