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English Conversation Practice - Din...
English Conversation Practice - Dinner Invitation
Indian Restaurants

India Palace Restaurant – Ellice Avenue

India Palace restaurant is one of my neighbourhood restaurants. Yet, I don’t really associate with where I live. Probably because, most times I’ve had their food, it’s been at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival. That is one activity I really missed during this pandemic. Nothing like a quick visit to the India Palace stall between plays.  While I can not visit the restaurant these days, I have been in on two or three occasions. I remember going with a group of…Continue readingIndia Palace Restaurant – Ellice Avenue


East India Company, Downtown Winnipeg

East India Company, is an Indian restaurant located in Winnipeg’s Downtown. The restaurant is run by the Mehra family who have been part of the Winnipeg restaurant scene for close to 50 years. In addition to their Winnipeg location, they operate two restaurants in Ottawa. They are also a family actively involved in promoting the well-being of the city as a whole. Entering East India Company off of York Avenue, you find the service counter immediately to your right. The…Continue readingEast India Company, Downtown Winnipeg

Food Recipes

Hello Fresh- Unboxing – First Meal

A couple of weeks ago Shel Zolkewich, organizer of the Manitoba Food Bloggers group on Facebook, posted that she had a couple of codes for people who were willing to try out Hello Fresh, the meal planning service. Immediately on seeing this I messaged her saying I’d like to give one a try. When it comes to such an offer quick responses are important. Generally speaking whoever hesitates is lost. So, thank you Shel. You can check out my second…Continue readingHello Fresh- Unboxing – First Meal

Community Food

Chapter 2 of Joe Average Buys Groceries.

Last month, in response to Shel Zolkewich posting about Stats Can’s claim that the average Manitoban spent $241.00 a month on food, I decided to give that challenge a try. You can follow Shel’s attempts by keeping up with her posts in Manitoba Food Bloggers Here’s a summary of my first month, and a look a head at chapter 2 of this experiment. Lessons from my First Month One of the things I decided when I started was that I…Continue readingChapter 2 of Joe Average Buys Groceries.