Common Eating Fall Suppers

St Anne Ukrainian Catholic Fall Supper

Last night I got to the St Anne Ukrainian Catholic Church fall supper. This is my first fall supper of the year. St Anne has a connection with one of my last year’s visits. St Anne shares pastoral leadership with St Michael Ukrainian Catholic Church. Yesterday, was quite a full day. If started with St. Philip’s and St. Mark’s sharing a joint Eucharist. Then I headed down to Holy Trinity to take part in a discussion about the food ministry…Continue readingSt Anne Ukrainian Catholic Fall Supper

Community Fall Suppers Food

Holy Eucharist Fall Supper

Despite diligently listing as many Winnipeg Fall Suppers as I can, I hadn’t attended any of them until yesterday. However I finally managed to enjoy one yesterday afternoon. I traveled up to the Holy Eucharist Fall Supper on Monroe at Watt Street. This is the second fall supper that Holy Eucharist hosts. Each year they also host a Fish Fry in September. I really enjoyed the Fish Fry last year, and so I figured the fall supper should be really…Continue readingHoly Eucharist Fall Supper

Reviews and Such Restaurants

Swiss Chalet Delivered

It’s a while since I’ve been to Swiss Chalet. I don’t go voluntarily, but find myself roped into going when family members want to go. Today, however, was a bit different. The main reason I don’t go to Swiss Chalet is that I always find their chicken to be overcooked and dry.This time I ordered the roast beef on a kaiser roll. The thinly sliced roast beef was certainly cooked well done, but it has enough fat in it that…Continue readingSwiss Chalet Delivered

Reviews and Such bakery Restaurants

Cocoabeans Bakeshop – Gluten Free

Since I wrote this post, Cocoabeans closed it’s Tache location and reopened in a new location on Corydon Avenue. The new location is a full restaurant and has a patio out front where you can enjoy your beverages and people watch. Sadly, the buttertart that was my staple has been replaced on the menu with a larger version. However, the rest of the menu is still top flight, and the staff is as friendly and engaging as ever. When I…Continue readingCocoabeans Bakeshop – Gluten Free