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Good Will Social Club – Karaoke

Yesterday being Canada Day, I went out wandering. Most of my wanderings followed a familiar pattern. I started off with a coffee at the Second Cup on Edmonton and Graham as I headed to The Forks. Then, throughout the day I made a couple of loops of the Forks and then did a couple of loops of Osborne Village. This is pretty typical for me on Canada Day. This year though was slightly different as I wound up at The…Continue readingGood Will Social Club – Karaoke

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A Little Pizza Heaven

A Little Pizza Heaven brings to four the number of pizza trucks out on the streets of Winnipeg.. They can be split up into two camps.  The first is the high end wood fired variety. That’s The Red Ember and Fired Up. The other two are more like your corner take out pizza store. The fourth truck is Pizza Potamus. It’s been a while since I’ve seen the Pizza Potamus truck out on the streets. It was one I meant to…Continue readingA Little Pizza Heaven