Supper Club at King’s Head Pub

Last night I went out for supper at the King’s Head Pub, with a group that calls themselves the “Why Cook On Wednesdays Supper Club.”  This club has been active for a few years now.  The membership is mainly drawn from St. Margaret’s Anglican Church, one of the many places where I am involved in ministry.  Despite having been aware of the group for quite awhile, this was the first time I had gotten together with them.
While I’ve eaten at the King’s Head before, it has always been in the context of some other event rather than a group dinner.  I’ve been to the pub for concerts, fringe shows, Meetups and other activities.  Last night was the first time I had been there specifically for a meal with a group.
The King’s Head has a nicely varied menu.  Most of the people at our table ordered a curry or vindaloo of one sort or another.  However, there were also a couple of orders of classic pub dishes, shepherds pie and fish and chips.  My choice was the Lamb Vindaloo.

According to the Supper Club member who ordered the Fish & Chips, the whole plate was quite good. The salad being real nice, and the fish while crispy on the coating, being a little overcooked.  The Shepherd’s Pies were also very much enjoyed with the Spaghetti Squash on the side being a pleasant, unexpected addition to their dish.

The fish and chips plate from King’s Head Pub

My dish was the Lamb Vindaloo.  As the menu says, spice level hot is your only choice for this dish.  It certainly lived up to the menu description, although the burn was a little more mouth burn, rather than one that affects multiple senses.  Along with that the lamb was very tender, and the vindaloo sauce that it was cook in was thick, one might say almost syrup like in its thickness.  I didn’t get the opinions of any other supper club members on their dishes, but the fact that every plate was wiped clean speaks for itself.

Supper Club Beverages and Service

Along with meals the King’s Head has a good variety of beverages on tap.  I had the Smithwick’s Irish Ale, which I found pleasant but rather non-descript.  I also had a Blood Alley Bitter which I find light and refreshing.
One aspect of being at the King’s Head when we were, is that they were offering table service.  Despite having been there many times, I didn’t realize that table service ended fairly early in the evening.  That means, if you go there later in the evening you may find the service slower than you like.
Last night, we were there during table service, and the service was excellent.  We were a group of 11. Often if you go to a restaurant in a large group, you end up playing the who gets what game when your food and beverages arrive.  Our server remembered all our orders, and handed them out to the correct people without any questions.  As well, we all received our meals within a couple of minutes of each other.  There was no one waiting while everyone else was half-finished.
On top of that, our server was remarkably unobtrusive.  A supper club exists as much for people to enjoy each others company as the food. A server who keeps out of the way enhances that. Our server did that expertly.

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