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Sultan’s Shawarma, Ellice Avenue

One of the pleasures of living in the Spence neighbourhood is that there are so many dining choices close by. As the neighbourhood is so diverse, there are also a wide variety of cuisines to choose from. I’m a big fan of shawarma, and there are two places within a few blocks of each other. Shawarma Time at the corner of Ellice and Sherbrook, and Sultan’s Shawarma, just a few blocks east towards the University of Winnipeg.

Sultan Shawara sign
Apparently some people need more help knowing what to do than others.
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Sultan’s Shawarma qualifies as a hole in the wall kind of business. The storefront the restaurant is located in is nothing to look at from the outside. Inside, the thing that first hits you is the walls. The are green. Really green. Like they misunderstood the concept of green business, green. There are plenty of tables and there is a TV screen regularly playing sports or news. The chairs are quite comfortable if you are dining in.

Shawarma walls
The walls are really green.

Sultan’s Shawarma Meals:

Beside the shawarma, Sultan’s Shawarma sells Calzones, Pizza, Burgers and other fast food standards. In both of my visits I decided that I would focus on the shawarma.

My first visit had been over a year ago, and I wasn’t overly impressed with the freshness of the food. Both visits in recent weeks have shown a marked improvement in this area.

Sultan Shawarma platter
The Sultan Shawarma, shawarma platter

The first time I went I had the shawarma with fries. I didn’t realize it, but I only have a picture that shows more wrapper than shawarma. One of the reason’s I left it in the wrapper was that it was very well stuffed, and I didn’t want the ingredients falling all over my tray. It was well sealed but bursting out the sides.

Sultan Shawarma salad
Side salad from Sultan Shawarma

My second meal I ordered the Chicken Kebab plate. There plates area little pricy, but they are so large, that a plate and side could feed two quite comfortably. The salad picture above is only half of the order for my Chicken Kebab Plate. The plate is in in the picture below.
I often find kebabs to be on the dry side. Not here. The chicken was plenty moist and came off the skewers quite easily. The rice was fluffy. The fries were crisp and the sauce was not overdone.
My one disappointment with Sultan’s Shawarma was the Baklava. Although it was only $2.50, the piece was quite tiny and rather dry. Nonetheless, Sultan’s Shawarma makes for a quick, tasty stop for a meal on my way home. I’m definitely going to be making periodic visits.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.