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Stone Soup Fundraiser

Every so often as I wander through downtown I see posters up for events. Quite often I look at the poster and then immediately forget what it was about. Such was the case for the Stone Soup Fundraiser.  This was held yesterday at the Manitoba Hydro Building. I’d read the Stone Soup poster a couple of times, but not really made note of it.

Stone Soup Fundraiser bowl of soup
There are lots of tasty soups available at the Stone Soup Fundraiser.

As I was walking down Edmonton on my way to a cup of coffee, I noticed a CBC van parked across from the Hydro building. I wondered what might be happening and then suddenly I remembered the fundraiser.
Yesterday’s fundraiser was in support of the Child Nutrition Council of Manitoba. This organization is dedicated to making sure that all children have access to health and nutritious food. This is largely done through school programs. It’s hard to learn on an empty stomach.

Stone Soup Solyanka
This is the pot of the Solyanka: A Hearty Russian Soup.

Last week I took part in the Harvest Poverty Pledge. Yesterday was another chance to be involved with an organization that is attempting to make sufficient, healthy food available to all. Children are often the most vulnerable members of our society, and helping them to have strong foundations in food and health is very important.

Stone soup with fritter
Another of the tasty soups on offer at the Stone Soup Fundraising

I arrived a little before the 11 am starting time figuring it would be easier to get some pictures taken when there weren’t as many people about. While I was wandering about I ran into a Dorothy Earl, a music teacher and friend of mine from my days at Church of the Way. It turns out, that the chief organizer of the day was another friend from Church of the Way, Viola Prowse, who works for Child Nutrition Council of Manitoba.  So, in addition to being a great opportunity to help a good cause, the event turned into be a bit of a reunion as Vi’s husband Dan was also there, and one of the judges was former high School principal Tom Chan another friend from that time.
Stone Soup is a very famous story, that revolves around people unwilling to share their food being tricked into sharing it. Unlike the story, there was no trickery needed to get the participating restaurants involved. I’ve said it in the past, but it bears repeating, Winnipeg’s food scene is full of some of the most generous and giving people in the city. The chef’s below made a 100% donation, not only of their time, but also of the soups on offer:

Stone Soup Fundraiser Chefs:

Jon Royal – RRC School of Hospitality & Culinary Arts – Tomato Sambuca Bisque
Olga Lumburner & Students – R.B, Russel Voc High School, Culinary Arts Progam – North African Spice Soup
Ben Kramer – Ben Kramer catering – “Mac & Cheese”
Jess Young – Buffalo Stone Café – Solyanka: A Hearty Russian Meat Soup
Scott Bagshaw – Deseo Bistro & EnotecaLobster Bisque
Talia Syrie – The Tallest Poppy West – Purple Potato Soup
Jack MacFarlane – The Frenchway Café – Curry Lentil Soup, Split Pea & Ham
Stefan Gusztak – Rudy’s Eat & Drink – Smoked Tomato Soup w/Cheesy Chiabata
Michael Robins – Sydney’s at the Forks – Moorish Butternut Squash Soup
Jesse Friesen – 295 York (WOW!) – Roasted Potato w/Ale, Bacon & Smoked Gouda
Jan Hiebert – Stellas’ Café – Roasted Red Pepper & Lentil w/Goat Cheese Crostini
Fern Kirouac – Inferno’s Bistro – Chicken Ragu w/Cashew Kale Chips
Somehow or another I didn’t get a photo of the R.B. Russell sign.
I had a Eucharist at St. Philip’s starting at 1 pm so I didn’t get a chance to take in all the soups that were on offer (tickets were 3 for $10) but the five that I did get to try, (yes a couple of chefs let me try no charge) were all terrific. As I mentioned earlier, there was a judging element to the day. All I can say is that they had one tough job. Just after I tried one soup and thought that it was really great, I try another one and think that was just as great. The one soup I really had wanted to try was the Lobster Bisque, but the line-up for it was too long, and didn’t let up the whole time I was there.
Now, just because the fundraiser is over, doesn’t mean you can’t support the Child Nutrition Council. Get in contact with them and find out how you can be involved in helping to bring nutritious meals into the lives of Manitoba’s children.
Also, this was the third Stone Soup Fundraiser. I expect next year we will see the fourth. Finally in addition to great soup there was great music. Avery Vibe performed a selection of upbeat music as part of the Stone Soup event.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.