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St Anne Ukrainian Catholic Fall Supper

Last night I got to the St Anne Ukrainian Catholic Church fall supper. This is my first fall supper of the year. St Anne has a connection with one of my last year’s visits. St Anne shares pastoral leadership with St Michael Ukrainian Catholic Church.

St Anne coffee
Compostable coffee cups at the St. Anne’s Fall Supper.
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Yesterday, was quite a full day. If started with St. Philip’s and St. Mark’s sharing a joint Eucharist. Then I headed down to Holy Trinity to take part in a discussion about the food ministry mission. After the meeting I went with Rev. Cathy Campbell, Rev. Aubrey Hemminger, and Pastor Paul Walker for lunch at Pho Hoang. Cathy and Aubrey are the interim priests at Holy Trinity. Paul is the adult ministries pastor at The Meeting Place.

Heading to St Anne in the Rain

After lunch I hung out at my office in Holy Trinity for a couple of hours. It was one of those days when if I went home, I would simply arrive at home and then turn around and head out again to the dinner.

The bus trip out to St Anne is fairly straightforward, the 11 Kildonan route took me out to Chief Peguis Trail, and from their it’s a pretty simple walk over to the church.

Somehow or other I got it into my head that the dinner started at 6 pm. Fortunately, I had planned to arrive just before 5:30. This meant that, even though it was quite close to starting time I still managed to snack myself a seat.

St Anne table number
I lay the table number down, so I could get picture without forcing people around to be part of the picture.

The meal is held in the basement hall of the church, and it is packed. I would estimate that the room holds about 300 people and I could see very few empty seats. After I put my coat on my chair, I went over to Father Alan and said hi. He is priest at St Michael’s as well as St Anne and I had met him at that dinner last year. I also went back to the ticket table and introduced myself to Anne, who is my contact for getting this dinner information onto the blog.

Each of the tables has a nice,floral, centerpiece.

Waiting for the Call

One of the interesting parts of any fall supper is finding out when your table will be called. I was seated at table number 23. However like most fall suppers that number doesn’t mean a whole lot. I’m sure that there was some pattern to the table calling, but I never figured it out. All I know is, in this case I ended up at one of the last tables to be called. That meant quite a wait before we got our call.

fall supper plate
There is a little bit of something for everyone on this plate.

However, while the wait was lengthy, there was still plenty of food to go around. As you can see from the picture above there are a lot of different items on this plate. While most of the items were served up, the cole slaw was serve yourself and I took a large spoonful.

There was also: bean salad, bun, cabbage rolls, pierogies, buckwheat, meatballs, dressing, turkey, and mashed potatoes. There was also cranberry sauce, but as you might know if you’ve read this blog over the years I’m not really a big fan of cranberry sauce.

Apple Pie
My dessert choice was the apple pie with whipped cream.

Dessert is a choice of apple pie or lemon slice. this was a difficult choice for me as I like both of them. However I went for the apple pie in the end.

All the food was really good. Choosing a pick spoonful of coleslaw is a good choice as it is very tasty. I also particularly enjoyed the mashed potatoes which are smooth and have no lumps. The pierogies are potato and cheddar and the filling is smooth and tasty., while the shell covering dough has a real good give when you bite into it.

This was an interesting dinner in that, other than having met Father Alan previously, this one one of the few I have attended where I didn’t know anyone. In this case I ate my food and then headed home.

Heading home

If the bus trip there was fairly straightforward, the trip home wasn’t. I mentioned a couple of posts ago that Winnipeg has had a really rainy September. Last night was no exception. While the bus I took out brought me fairly close to the church, the return trip meant either waiting by the church for a specific number 11, or heading back to Henderson Highway and finding a greater number of 11s.

This meant that I walked and waited in the rain for a good twenty minutes before I was able to catch the bus I wanted. I wasn’t soaked, but I was quite wet. However I took care of that by making a stop at The Goodwill on the way home and warned myself up with a cup of coffee and a shot of Jameson’s

St Anne offers a great Fall Supper. By the looks of things they are beginning to reach capacity as far as ticket sales go. I recommend that you try it out next week, but make sure that you order your tickets well in advance so that you can guarantee yourself a spot.


By Donald McKenzie

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