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Spaghetti Dinner – Holy Rosary Church

Yesterday, while posting about the Holy Trinity fall supper, I mentioned that I would be finishing my weekend off by attending the Spaghetti Dinner at Holy Rosary Catholic Church. I was alerted to this dinner last year by Angie Boehm. She along with her husband Cory are parishioners at Holy Rosary. They’ve also shared a couple of dining adventures with me over the years.

Spaghetti Dinner centerpiece
One of the centerpieces for the spaghetti dinner.

This dinner is a little bit different than some, in that it features a rolling service that begins at 11:30 am and continues until about 6 pm. I discovered during the evening that this fits in well with the Sunday Mass schedule. I waited until quite late to inquire about getting a ticket. To make sure I had one, I dropped by the church on Saturday to purchase my ticket. A bit of detour in my morning but worth the time.


Spaghetti Dinner Shift Change


Morning at Saint Philip’s had been a joint service with St. Mark’s and by the time everything was cleaned up and I had finished my Holy Trinity post, I didn’t arrive at Holy Rosary until around 4 pm. This meant I arrived just at shift change among the servers. Shift change for servers seemed to also be an emptying out period for the hall, as it was pretty empty when I got my food and sat down.

First Plate
I went through the line twice, this is my first plate.
Mixed Green Salad
There was a nice mixed green salad to accompany the pasta.

One thing about the hall being fairly empty was that it gave me a chance to take it in quite fully. It is one of the nicest spaces I have been in. It doesn’t look particularly fancy, but the grey walls and carpeting and a lowish ceiling give the room a very calm feeling. There were lots of table and plenty of room to manoeuvre around them as well. The service line moved quickly, and in addition to the servers students from St. Maurice School came round during the dinner making sure plates were removed, answering any questions, and generally making a good evening better.

glass of wine
The wine glasses are small, but good and full.

Going through the service line the first time, I picked up some Penne, Meatballs, Italian Sausage, salad and a bun. I went back to my seat, and then wandered over to the drinks table to add a glass of red wine to my meal. This is above the ticket cost, but at $3.00 it is a nice addition to the meal. As I was eating I looked to my left and saw a couple talking to one of the church ladies. I knew that I knew them from somewhere, but couldn’t quite place them.

Renewed Connections

After they finished their conversation they came over and asked me where they knew me from. They introduced themselves as John and Diane. It was then I remembered that they had been parishioner’s at St. George Crescentwood, one of the Anglican parishes where I had done one of my placements while studying for the priesthood.

This is my plate from my second trip through the line. This time I made sure to get some actual spaghetti.

We chatted for a bit and they returned to their table and the friends they were dining with. I went through the line a second time, and added some spaghetti on that trip.  After a while, as I was getting ready to get my dessert for the evening, The dessert was they came by and asked if I would like to join their table. My dessert was Lemon Gelato supplied by Enzo’s Gelati on St. Anne’s Road. It was nicely tart but not overwhelmingly so. I’m definitely going to make my way down St. Anne’s to Enzo’s.

Once there, they introduced me to a retired priest who was among their table mates. When they said his name was Bernie Pinet, my mind once again started to whirl. Then I remembered. My father had been in prison ministry with the Salvation Army, and I had heard him refer to Father Bernie on several occasions. So I asked if he remembered Bill McKenzie from the Salvation Army and he did. I didn’t have much connection to my dad’s work world and so it’s always nice to meet someone who had spent some time working with him.

Lemon Gelato at the Spaghetti Dinner
The lemon Gelato nicely tops off the spaghetti dinner.

Silent Auction

Like any good meal the spaghetti dinner at Holy Rosary wasn’t rushed. It was good to be able to catch up somewhat with John and Diane. They may have moved from Anglican to Roman Catholic parishes, but it’s good to see people seeking to follow Christ wherever the setting. 

There was a silent auction as part of the dinner, but not having cash on me, I didn’t buy any tickets. Still, it’s always fun to see how these auctions work out. It turned out that the auction worked out really well for the table I was sitting. Two of the women won prizes, and Father Bernie, he won two, on only one set of tickets. 

Many times when you attend a fall supper you end up with an enjoyable meal. Sometimes you end up with a bit of interesting conversation. It turned out that my friends Cory and Angie had other things up, yet last night turned out to be more than just a dinner, or an experience, it turned out to be a time of good fellowship and communion. Would that all meals were such. 

Thank you Holy Rosary for a wonderful meal and a wonderful evening.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.