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Southlands Salvation Army Fall Supper

Every year I list fall suppers. This year I added a second list. This year I managed to visit six different fall suppers in Winnipeg. Next year I may have to branch out and visit some of the rural ones. That would require me finding a driver. Last night’s fall supper at the Southlands Community Church(Salvation Army). was the sixth of the ones I visited.

Southlands centrepiece
There was a Christmas wreath for the table centerpiece.
Keeping Motivational Messages Alive
Keeping Motivational Messages Alive

This last one turned out to be a little confusing for the Anglican me, as it was a Christmas dinner. I’m used to the whole Advent comes before Christmas. No Christmas carols until after Christmas. However, I figured that since this was a pre-Advent, Christmas dinner I wasn’t breaking any liturgical rules.

Old Home Week at Southlands

I ended up at this dinner because I saw it advertised on the Facebook page of Henry Armstrong. Henry used to run an instant printing company(where I worked for a couple of years) in the city. He was also very heavily involved at Winnipeg Citadel, the Corps(church) I attended during my high school and university years.

Pie table
A small portion of the dessert table from the dinner.

Having seen Henry post the dinner on Facebook, I made sure to get myself a ticket put aside. Southlands is located in the south end of Winnipeg. It’s really a little off the bus routes on a weekend. The dinner was scheduled to start at 5:30 and I found myself not arriving until about 5:45. Fortunately, they were just about to begin the service so I wasn’t all that late.

Southlands Community Church uses the same space for church services and things such as church dinners. There were a nice number of decorations at each of the tables. There were also a couple of Christmas trees standing at the front of the room in front of the platform. The whole room had a very festive feel to it.

Despite the full room, I was invited to join other friends of mine the Nelsons. Commissioner John Nelson is a retired Salvation Army officer. Our families go back years and years. I found out after the dinner, while talking to my mom, that his dad and my grandmother had gone to elementary school here in Winnipeg, in the early 1900s.

John has three children, Chris, Paul, and Liz. We were at all Grant Park High School together, Paul and I actually graduated in the same year.  It was a great opportunity to visit with people that I don’t see very often.

Turkey with All the Trimmings and More

Southlands is a home to a diverse congregation. They have banners hanging from the ceiling representing the many countries from which the people come. If I counted correctly there are at least 17 different countries represented. As a result there is a little bit of a twist to the menu.

Southlands plate of food
I had myself a really good plate of food.

Going through the line, there is curried turkey, and rice. That is the twist to the menu. There is also roast turkey, potatoes, vegetables, dressing and a bun. The food is really delicious.

It took a bit of looking at the dessert table, but I found myself a slice of Blueberry Pie

Our table had a bit of a wait that meant I had time to choose my dessert while many people were getting their main course. I managed to snag myself a piece of blueberry pie, which is my favourite pie.

The dinner was really enjoyable, and then after the dinner there was a little program. We sang a few carols, we heard stories from Christmas experiences around the world. There was also a quartet of cadets from the College for Office Training providing brass accompaniment to the carols. Plus, as with any good Christmas party, there were special activities for the kids. A name those carols quiz, and a find a pickle in the Christmas tree game.

Among the songs we sang, we did a version of the Twelve Days of Christmas where each verse corresponded with a month of the year, and you were expected to stand if that month contained your birthday. I was quite happy to be an October birthday.

There was plenty of coffee to go around during the dinner.

In addition to the Armstrongs and Nelsons, I had the opportunity to visit with some people that I hadn’t seen in many years. All in all it made for an enjoyable and tasty evening.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.