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Up South barbecue Truck

It’s ManyFest weekend here in Winnipeg. Yesterday I took in the first day of the Food Truck Wars. Wanting to try some of the new trucks I went at lunch and at supper. One of the new trucks is Up South barbeque. I hadn’t come across Up South barbecue on the streets, but was aware of it as friends had tried it, and recommended it to me.

UpSouth truck
The Upsouth barbecue truck.

Up South barbecue was the first of the trucks I visited yesterday. It was not long after the 11 am opening when I got there, and it turned out that they didn’t have the full menu ready yet. That turned out to be all right however. Taking what was available, I ordered the jambalaya. When supper came around I figured I would go and give one of the other menu items a try and ordered the half-rack of ribs combo.

Up South Value:

Prices for entrees range from $6.00 for the pulled pork sandwich to $19.00 for the full rack of ribs combo. The combo includes fries and coleslaw. The jambalaya came in at $7.00. I wasn’t sure about the jambalaya at first, but it turned out to be a large, satisfying portion. My half rack of ribs ($11.00) came in with 5 large, meaty ribs, and plenty of fries plus coleslaw. 4.5/5


The menu displayed on the Up South barbecue truck only listed about 5/6 items. One thing it didn’t show, was whether or not you can get the fries or slaw as a side dish. However, they do hit the main dishes you would expect from a BBQ truck. Plus they offer a dessert. 4/5

UpSouth Dinner
UpSouth Barbecue rib dinner.


The ribs were well cooked and fell away from the bone. While there was plenty of meat on each rib, there was a fair bit of fat as well. The jambalaya was well prepared with a good assortment of meat and vegetables. It was also nicely spiced and left a pleasant, lingering buzz in the mouth afterwards. The fries were crispy. The coleslaw could have used a little more seasoning. 4.25/5


Here Up South barbecue does really well. The jambalaya came in a nice size bowl. The ribs came in a large recloseable container. On top of that the packaging was recyclable. 5/5


The service was quite good. The staff were all friendly. The only thing I didn’t like is that the ordering window is quite high. This means that you have to look upward to place your order rather than being on eye level. Maybe I’m the only one who will be bothered by that. 4/5

Up South barbecue Overall:

This is a good entry into the food truck field. It will be interesting to see how they fare long term. Both Lovey’s and Danny’s Whole Hog have built solid reputations in the BBQ and time will tell if Up South barbecue will be able to carve out a good niche for themselves. 4.25
*BBK is also at ManyFest. I tried them last year and they are certainly more than worth a visit. Thanks to Cory Boehm for reminding me.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.