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Smokin Haut BBQ Truck

A little while back when I wrote my 2015 power rankings post, I mentioned that were still a few trucks that I hadn’t gotten around to visiting. Smokin Haut (I left out the apostrophe because it doesn’t show up well on the web), was one of those trucks. I can now cross it off the list. Smokin Haut BBQ Truck showed up at The Forks today, so I was able to do one of those lunch-supper visits. That’s another benefit of having food trucks at The Forks, you can do two trips in a day.

The Smokin Haut truck sign
The Smokin Haut truck sign
SM UPTOWN CDO (Northwing ASRM Walk,...
SM UPTOWN CDO (Northwing ASRM Walk, Lunch and some coffee)

When I first found out about Smokin Haut, I read that they were selling sausages. To my mind that meant they were selling smokies, etc. I was surprised and delighted when I showed up at the truck and learned that the sausage in question was Farmer’s Sausage. I was further delighted to learn that it was Pioneer Sausage from Altona. I also learned that Altona is home to the truck. Fear not, they intent to pay many visits to The Forks.

Pioneer sausage was my introduction to Mennonite food. It was introduced to me by my sister-in-law who hails from Altona. She also introduced me and my parents to Shmauntfatt, but more on that later. Time to dive right in to my thoughts on Smokin Haut BBQ.


Smokin Haut Value:

The food at Smokin Haut delivers great value. I had an order of regular fries which was $4.95, but a good sized portion. All the portions were large to very large. The truck sells a couple of mini sausage entrees for under $4.00. These would be good for kids. The melts and burgers run from around $5-7.50. My burger was large with lots of toppings. The Menno Poutine at $7.35 is a steal. I also had ribs at $1.70 a rib. There was plenty of meat on all of the ribs in my order. 5/5
burger-fixins burger-uncovered


One of the things that makes the value so good is that there is also a lot of selection. This means that you can mix and match and come up with a thrifty meal. Clicking on the picture of the menu should give you some idea of what’s on offer. 5/5

Ribs from Smokin Haut
Ribs from Smokin Haut


This is largely top quality, stick to your ribs comfort food. Schmaunfatt, which I believe is Low German for Coronary Occlusion, is a cream based gravy popular in traditional Mennonite cuisine. While purists might quibble that Menno Poutine doesn’t meet the criteria of a real poutine, I would argue that this poutine is in keeping with the spirit of the dish. My burger featured the Jalapeno sausage patty. It has a little bit of buzz that perks up the flavour of the dish a little. My ribs were very meaty and came right off the bone. A couple of little quibbles. One, the fries in my poutine weren’t quite as crisp as the plain ones I had for lunch. Could have used about 30 seconds more in the fryer. Two, the rib sauce was a little too thick. Still on the whole the quality is what will keep me coming back for more. 4.25/5

Menno Poutine
Menno Poutine


Everything comes in closeable, compostable packages. Which leads me to wonder, when are places like The Forks have disposal units for compost. I suppose it’s possible that too many people would just throw junk into them. 5/5


The service was friendly, efficient, and prompt. My order was taken and prepared quite quickly. Neither time was busy, so I didn’t get a chance to observe them during a rush. 4.5/5

Smokin Haut Overall:

I was really impressed with Better than Baba’s when they hit the street, and Smokin Haut is right up there with them. Seek them out as soon as possible 4.75/5

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.