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Skinner’s Hot Dogs – Forks Market

The work on the new food court offerings at The Forks is nearing completion. I’m looking forward to the opening up of the new restaurants. The new seating and lighting is terrific. I like the various seating choices and the big round lamps look fantastic. While I (im)patiently wait for the grand opening, I’m still trying some of the other locations, such as Skinner’s.

Skinner's burger
Despite the amount of lettuce hiding it, there is still a good sized burger patty in this item.

Skinner’s is a hot dog, hamburger place that brought the flavours of the old Skinner’s Wet ‘n Wild waterpark into town. The waterpark is no longer in existence, but the food experience lives on. I never visited Wet ‘n Wild, so I don’t have memories attached to this food, but I’m sure for many people that wouldn’t be the case.

Skinner’s Hamburger and Fries

My first visit I decided that  I would start with the hamburger. I know Skinner’s was famous for their foot long hot dogs, but I figured I would get them on a second visit. They have lots of signs advertising their chili, but you can’t get it by the bowlful. So, when I ordered my fries I ended up getting them chili topped.

The burger was well done. A good sized pattie to go along with a plenty of toppings, although I would have liked just a little bit lettuce.The chili fries came with well cooked fries which were smothered in the chili. I found the chili relatively enjoyable.

Skinner's onion rings.
A decent sized portion of onion rings from Skinners

For my next go round I choose the Double Dog. It seems the best way to get value out of the footlong is to add as many as you can (up to 4). Along with the Double Dog I added a side order of onion rings.

I was pleasantly surprised at the flavour of the hot dog. It was nicely browned, and had no greasy quality to it. The onion rings were rather generic, but had been well cooked, and the portion size was quite good.

If you’re indoors and are in the mood for a hot dog cart experience, Skinner’s does quite a good job of that. It’s also a good place for a quick, filling meal. The staff are friendly, and you’ll get your food in good time.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.