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Simba Safari Grill

Simba Safari Grill is one of the trucks I visited when I went to the Red River Ex last month. Simba Safari Grill represents a new diversity on the Winnipeg food truck scene.  It’s owners are Kenyan and are bringing African cuisine to the streets. You’ll usually find them in the Tuxedo business park.

Simba Safari menu
The Simba Safari Menu board

A few years back I was involved with a group called FocusAfrica. This is a local group working to fight the ongoing AIDS crisis in Africa.  While involved in several countries their main focus has been in the country of Kenya.  Eating together plays a fairly substantial role in the group.  As well, many fundraisers have involved African cuisine as part of the evening.  Having had the opportunity to try some African cooking at these events, I was happy to see the Simba Safari Grill truck on the streets.
What follows are some of my thoughts on the truck:

Simba Safari Grill Value:

Each of the items on the menu is in the $3.00-$5.00 range.  If you order individually you get a good deal.  The portion sizes for each item is quite large.  With the combo you get plenty of food.  I would say it was a great value, but when I ordered on Canada Day the combo was $12.00 not the $10.00 on the sign above.  I don’t know if they were hoping to take advantage of the Canada Day traffic or if this is a permanent change.  If permanent still a good buy but not great. 4/5


Although there are only two meat dishes, there are enough other dishes that one can mix and match without repeating for quite a while. 5/5


I’ve tried both the meat dishes and they are both very good.  The beef was nice and tender.  The chicken came off the bone quite nicely, was still moist and full of flavour.  I tried the Mombasa Spinach which was very good.  The Ugali was nice and creamy in texture, but would have benefited from a little salted butter to make it moister and a little saltier.  4.25/5

Simba Safari meal
Meal from Simba Safari.


Everything comes in closeable containers.  4.5/5


Both times I’ve gone, I’ve found the service to be friendly and efficient.  Even though the Ugali is prepared on ordering I didn’t have to wait very 4.5/5

Simba Safari Grill Overall:

The fact that the Ugali was a little dry hurts the quality score for this truck.  Also, the fact that it seems they raised their combo price for Canada Day also hurts them.  There’s really no point in advertising a combo price is there is no real savings over ordering the items separately.
I hope to release another food truck power rankings soon.  Right now Simba Safari Grill is in the top of the middle.  With a couple of tweaks I think they would be closer to the top.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.