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Seine River Cafe – Provencher Avenue

Every so often there’s a place that I’m very aware of, but never get around to visiting. Seine River Cafe is one such place. Located in a strip mall on Provencher Avenue, just past the Centre Culturel Franco-Manitobain. I’m generally at the CCFM several times in a year, but never seem to make it the extra half block farther east. Perhaps I need to develop a habit of walking longer distances.

Seine River Cafe menu
The cover of the menu from the Seine River Cafe. I figure that’s the Eponymous river depicted on the front.
There's a RACCOON CAFE in Seoul...
There's a RACCOON CAFE in Seoul!? - South Korea Vlog

Meanwhile my brother Bob dropped in for a visit from Prince Albert. It was during the week so we decided to make it a breakfast visit. I suggested Seine River Cafe, in part because I hadn’t been yet, and in part because it is fairly close to St. Philip’s, my parish.


We arrived at the cafe after 10, but the cafe was still busy with a breakfast crowd. The crowd itself never really thinned out the whole time we were there either. This seems to be a quite busy place Despite this, there are enough tables for us to find a seat without having to wait.

There is nothing particularly standout about the appearance of the cafe. The tables are fairly tightly packed together, but far enough apart that you don’t feel you are intruding on or being intruded on by other diners.
One thing that I noticed is that there was plenty of staff on. As a result, we didn’t have to wait for a server when we were eventually ready to order. We both ordered the two egg with choice of meat breakfast. I can’t remember what my brother ordered, but I went away from my usual bacon and decided to have the kielbasa.

Seine River two egg breakfast
Two egg with choice of meat breakfast. I had already eaten one of the slices of kielbasa before I remembered to take the picture.

This was a good breakfast. The kielbasa in particular, was good and notably not greasy as some breakfast kielbasas tend to be. The hash browns were well cooked. The toast wasn’t overly buttered, and the jam came with about half a dozen selections.

Seine River coffee
A good strong cup of coffee with plenty of refills to keep it hot.

The Seine River Cafe advertises itself as a family run cafe. It appeared that several of the servers may have been part of the owner’s family. Whether or not that is the case the service here is excellent. Not only were our coffee and water filled regularly, but several different serving personnel came by to ask us whether we needed or wanted refills.
Despite the cafe being quite busy, there was never any feeling that we were being rushed either. Bob and I were able to enjoy pleasant conversation as we caught up on what’s been happening since the last time we saw each other.

Lunchtime at Seine River Cafe

I paid my second visit to the cafe earlier today. Remembering how busy it was when my brother and I went for breakfast, I decided I would go in time for an early lunch. This turned out to be a good choice, because while there were still several customers in the cafe this time, the number was smaller than my last visit.
As I said I wanted an early lunch, so I ordered a bacon cheeseburger platter with a cup of the Tomato Beef Barley to go along with. The picture of the soup didn’t save to my phone, so I can only describe it. There was a good mixture of beef, barley, and carrot in the tomato soup base. What I really liked about it was that the tomato flavour was just right, neither too sweet or too acidic.
It didn’t occur to me until my burger arrived that tomorrow is the beginning of LeBurger Week. While Le Burger Week is fun and all, with 100 or so participants, it seems to have gotten too big. To try them all you would have to eat 14 burgers a day for week. Not healthy. Not to mention that it would put a huge dent in one’s pocketbook.

Seine River Cafe Burger Platter
The burger platter from the Seine River Cafe.

Plus they seem to be getting more outlandish all the time. So, I was quite pleased when my burger came with patty, cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, pickle, and onion. There was even any ketchup, relish, or mustard, although all three we available in containers. I decided the best way to test the burger was without any of these toppings.
The result is? A very delicious burger. There is a good burger to bun ratio. The patty is well seasoned, in a way that brings out the beef flavour of the patty. On the whole, the burger was super moist with plenty of flavour and a good mix of chew and crunch. The french fries were all good and crisp and without too much salt. This is a good example of what a burger and fries should be.
After eating that I decided I would have some dessert and chose the half portion of the waffle with strawberries and ice cream. This was very good. The waffle was light and fluffy. There was plenty of ice cream and whipped cream, along with strawberries, strawberry sauce, and chocolate syrup. I couldn’t imagine ordering the large unless I was either sharing with someone or was going with waffle as my main meal.

Waffle desset at the Seine River Cafe
The small sized waffle with strawberries makes for a delicious, filling, and satisfying dessert. I think the large size is meant to be shared by two, at least.

Once again, the service was excellent. One thing I appreciated as I was observing the cafe was how quick the staff was to bus the tables after diners had finished. It helps to give a good, general sense of cleanliness to the whole cafe. I think I’m going have to try and find ways to make walks down to this cafe more frequently.

By Donald McKenzie

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