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Santa Lucia Pizza – St. Mary’s Road

It’s been a few years since I last visited Santa Lucia, but yesterday I was looking for something close to St. Philip’s that would be quick.

To my surprise, when I got there, the place was quite full even though it was only 5:45 pm. However, I was able to get a table in the lounge.

Santa Lucia Dinner on the Run

I had a meeting at church at 7 pm, and so I looked for something on the menu that I figured I would receive in good time. I opted for the Greek Sampler Platter. This comes with stuffed vine leaves, spanakopita, olives, tomatoes, feta, and a bit of salad.

Santa Lucia Sampler platter
The Greek sampler platter from Santa Lucia.

While there is a lot of food on the platter, the picture does not really give a good idea of how much food is actually there. There is a good pile of feta, one whole small tomato, and a nice portion of vine leaves, and spanakopita. This would make a good appetizer plate for a party of four. There is also a nice variety of flavours in the mixture.

bottomless coke
I took the photo after taking a couple of sips, but I also had a refill for my bottomless coke.

Since I was chairing a meeting at the church, I stuck with a coke for my beverage.

Despite the place be so full, I got my food in very good time, and still had a good half and hour to enjoy it before I had to leave for my meeting. This is in large part because the service is very good and efficient. My server took my order promptly, made sure my drink was refilled and brought my bill in good time. 

One place on my daily journey’s to work that I’ve bypassed is Santa Lucia Pizza. I’m not sure why. Some of it is that I’m not the world’s biggest pizza lover. Some of it is simply that I am generally crossing the street just as I get there.

A couple of weeks ago I decided that  I should remedy that situation. So, I made a point of including visits to the restaurant in my routine.

Santa Lucia Patio
View from the Santa Lucia Patio.

Santa Lucia Late Lunch:

On my first visit I showed up at the end of the lunch service. I was given the choice of dining room, patio, or lounge. The dining room was my choice. I ended seated at what appeared to be the only two top in the room. The menu is divided into Greek and Italian choices. I decided I was more in the mood for the Greek.

I started off with the Avgolemono soup. Then I added a Greek Salad with Souvlaki. When the bowl of soup came the biggest surprise was the amount of chicken. There seemed to be a whole chicken breast cut up into the bowl. It’s always a pleasure when chicken or another protein doesn’t get finished in the first couple of spoonfuls. The soup comes with a good lemon flavouring.

Santa Lucia Soup
Santa Lucia Avgolemono Soup

My salad portion was also quite substantial. The only disappointing aspect is that there are only two olives. I’m an olive lovers, particularly black olives, and always like to see 4 or 5 at least. The Pork Souvlaki skewer was generous in size. The pork itself was well-seasoned and very tender.

Santa Lucia Skewer
Greek Salad with Souvlaki Skewer

I decided to add dessert to my meal. I went with the classic Baklava. This again is a substantial portion. I like that there are lots of nuts in the centre. The pastry is nice and flaky. The syrup is tasty and the bits of chocolate dotting the plate really work well with the rest of the flavours.

Santa Lucia Baklava
A large and tasty serving of Baklava

Santa Lucia Patio

My next visit I showed up just before the lunch rush. Judging by the number of people already there I think it was a good time to go. On this trip I went with the patio option. The Patio at Santa Lucia is on the second level. It is surprisingly large. On it’s own it would be larger than many restaurant’s dining rooms. One good thing about being that high up is that the wasps are at a minimum. This is an important consideration as summer comes to an end.

Garden Salad at Santa Lucia
Santa Lucia Garden Salad

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Santa Lucia Pizza
The Meat Lovers pizza from Santa Lucia

Despite not being a pizza lover, I figure I can’t visit Santa Lucia Pizza and not try the pizza. Ordering off the lunch menu I chose a 9″ inch meat lovers pizza. To this I added a regular Garden salad. I made my beverage choice the all you can drink soft drink.

The meat lovers pizza is very impressive. It features 4 different types of meat, Pepperoni, Bacon, Salami, and Seasoned Beef. Each of the four is present on each of the slices. The lunch pizza is 9 inches, and could easily feed two. The garden comes with plenty for various vegetables in addition to the lettuce. The dressing came on the side without me needing to request it.


I really enjoyed both of my visits to Santa Lucia. In addition to good food and large portions, the service is quite excellent. On both of visits my server, different each visit, made sure that my order was taken promptly. Water, coffee, and soft drinks are all promptly attended to. Service is also quite quick, which is good if you’re on a tight schedule. I’ll definitely be back in the future

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.