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SANA SoupHouse Graham Avenue

Since my last update, SANA SoupHouse fell victim to Covid-19 and is now closed.

It’s almost six years since I first wrote about SANA Souphouse. I’ve been a couple of times since, and decided to stop in for lunch today.

SANA Souphouse soup and sandwich
An enjoyable lunch featuring a Reuben Sandwich and potato bacon soup.

The first thing I notice as I enter is that certain items such as the old oven, are no longer there. This gives the room a more open feeling. There are lots of tables. Its mid-afternoon when I get there, and there is only one other customer in the restaurant.

For my meal I chose a Reuben Sandwich along with Bacon Potato Soup. A cup of the Soup is included in the sandwich price, and I ordered that way. Although, a full bowl along with the sandwich would only have been a couple of dollars extra. 

The sandwich is served on marble rye. I really enjoy it. One thing I like is that it is not as messy as some Reubens can be. The soup is also enjoyable. One good thing is that there is a lot of bacon in the soup.

I think I should be making a point of stopping by here more frequently than I do.

Introducing SANA SoupHouse

When heading out to eat, I like to find areas where there are a few options available.  The better the options, the more I like an area.  The area around the MB Hydro building is one such area.  There’s Rudy’s, which I haven’t reviewed yet.  There are also several places I have reviewed.  Ming Court, Marcello’s, Kokeb, and of course my home away from home, Twist Café.

Soup sign, with author reflectied.
Soup sign, with author reflectied.

SInce yesterday you can add SANA Souphouse to that list.  Opened across Graham from Twist, SANA SoupHouse hopes to fill the void many people feel with the departure Soup Pierre.  Given my experiences there in the first couple of days, I think this restaurant will more than nicely fill the gap.The dining counter at Sana Soup

SANA Souphouse: Looks Aren’t Everything, But They Help

The first thing about Sana SoupHouse that caught my attention was how good the space looked.  The walls are painted in what appears to be a slight off-white/light cream colour, with the other predominant colours being red and black.  On the walls hang prints of several Winnipeg scenes taken from the provincial archives.  The bar with the register, several seats, and where the dishes are finished combines old and new in its look. There is also an old-fashioned stove on display.
In addition to there being plenty of seating for a place that size(I counted 47 seats, the room feels reasonably spacious.  If my words don’t quite capture the look for you, here are some photos.An archival print of Main Street on the Sana Soup House wall. Sana Souphouse old time stove.


In addition, the staff dress in a style that is professional and in keeping with the visual appeal of the decor.

Looks Plus Substance Equals Wow

Sana SoupHouse will be featuring different soups on a rotating basis.  On the two occasions that I’ve been there have been a total of seven soups on the menu.  You will also be able to get soups that satisfy both meat lovers and vegetarians(I don’t know about  vegans).
Soups are $5.50 for a regular or $7.50 for a large.  The large serving makes for a satisfying lunch on its own, even though both time I added a sandwich as well.  The large soup I tried was the White Borscht.  This soup contained large quantities of kulbasa and carrot in a rich broth.  Of all the soups this one most appealed to the meat lover in me.  I really liked the fact that although there was a lot of kulbasa in the soup it wasn’t in any way fatty in its flavour.
I also tried the Red Borscht, and while I would have liked to have found more than two bits of sausage in my bowl, the lack of meat was more than compensated by the abundance of cabbage, beans and potatoes in the mix.  The creamy mushroom and dill was also very good.  Dill can easily be overpowering, and while it had a strong presence it didn’t overwhelm.  The mushrooms themselves had a good, meaty texture to them when you bit in.


The sandwiches on the menu are $5.50 or $5.00 if you order with soup.  I tried the Ham with Grilled Pineapple and the Turkey Melt.  Both of the sandwiches, served on marbled rye and toasted were quite could.  I was a little disappointed that the turkey was turkey roll as it doesn’t seem in keep with the fresh approach of the rest of the menu.
The Ham sandwich came with grilled pineapple and a habanero sauce.  I think it could use a little more habanero, as the sweet dominated a bit.  The sweet chili on the turkey sandwich was just right in amount.Ham sandwich on Marble rye. A Sana Soup House Turkey Melt.
So far, all they offer is a grilled cinnamon bun for dessert.  However, if you wish to indulge your sweet tooth afterwards, you can always cross Graham Avenue to Twist. Make sure that you get to SANA SoupHouse as soon as possible.  It will make a great stop at lunch or before a concert or Jets game.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.