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Samosa Hut – CityPlace

Samosa Hut is an Indian restaurant located in Cityplace mall. It’s located just before the spot where the skywalk connects Cityplace across St. Mary avenue. This location has long been my favourite in the food court. *Since I wrote this, I would say that PegCity Poutinerie has taken that spot.  Prior to Samosa Hut being there the space held a Greek restaurant whose name I can’t remember, but made a really great Avgolemono soup among other items.

Samosa Hut Combo
The Samosa Hut three item combo comes with Naan included.
Katong Square Mall in Singapore
Katong Square Mall in Singapore

My favourite choice here is the three piece Tandoori Chicken. It is well cooked, and well-sauced. I find the chicken to be quite tender. Having tried it so many times, I decided to choose a couple of different options when I recently visited.

Samosa Hut Combos:

Wednesdays I preside at a noon-hour Eucharist at Holy Trinity. By the time it’s over and I’ve packed everything away, I’m ready for a good lunch. The Samosa Hut provides me with both. The portions for their meals are quite generous. It starts off with a good base layer of rice and is built up with the other combo elements.

On the first of my recent visits, I had hoped to order the Lamb Curry dinner, which features Gobi Alu along with the lamb . Unfortunately they had run out of the Lamb. So, they substituted the Butter Chicken. The Butter Chicken was milder than many I’ve tried, but the chicken itself was moist and tender, and there were plenty of chunks of it throughout the sauce. The cauliflower in the Gobi Alu was reasonably firm. The Naan that came on the side was chewy, and light.

Butter chicken
Butter chicken along with Gobi Alu


A garden salad to complement the meal.


Samosa Hut Naan
The Naan at Samosa Hut is chewy and light.

When I returned for lunch a few days later, I ordered the three item combo. I chose the Palak Paneer, as spinach is one of my favourite vegetables. The dish was creamy and there were several chunks of the paneer in my order. The Dahl was the least favourite as it was mainly sauce and not a lot of lentils. The Kheema was well seasoned and the fat had been well drained from the ground beef.
If you ever find yourself down at Cityplace looking for lunch, Samosa Hut makes for a really good option. The food tastes good and you also get good value for money. The one thing I would say though, is that if you like your food spicy, the flavours here tend to be on the mild side.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.