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Sabai Thai Eatery – Corydon Avenue

Last week my oldest brother Ian paid a visit to Winnipeg. On Thursday he and I went for lunch together. We ended up picking Sabai Thai Eatery, on Corydon Avenue at the Corner of Wilton Street. This is one of those places that I’ve heard a lot about, but never visited. It seems whenever I’m in the area I turn on autopilot and end up at Falafel Place. After a couple of visits, I can certainly say that Sabai Thai will certainly be a more frequent stopping place when I’m up in the Crescentwood neighbourhood.

Sabai Thai Lunch

My brother and I arrive toward the tail end of the lunch service, so the restaurant wasn’t over full and we were able to get a table quite easily. My brother ordered a plate of spring rolls and the Mee Krop. I ordered the green curry soup. The spring rolls came out quickly and the four spring rolls came cut in half to form eight pieces. This means that they would be easier to share among a larger group.
The spring rolls came in crispy wrappers, that also didn’t shatter all over the place. The filling of taro, silver noodles and veggies gave a good mixture of all three, and the dipping sauce was one of the better ones I have tried.
My Green Curry Soup with Chicken was superb. The broth was creamy without being too thick. The vegetables were fresh, and the chicken was moist. There was also a good amount of heat. This is one of the best soups I’ve had anywhere. My brother enjoyed his Mee Krop as well. Thanks Ian, for the visit and for taking me for lunch.

Sabai Thai Supper

A couple of days later I returned to the restaurant. This time I went for supper. I showed up right as they were opening at 5 pm. I got a table quite easily, but even though it was quite early people were arriving in a steady stream, plus there were several take out orders on the go.
There’s no point in reviewing a Thai restaurant if I didn’t order the Pad Thai, so that’s what I chose. Once again, the dish was outstanding. One of the things I’ve run into with Pad Thai, is the sauce being thick and the noodles sticking together in little lumps. Not here. Everything in the Sabai Thai Pad Thai was fresh and the noodles separated very nicely. As with the Green Curry Soup there was good heat in the dish. In this case they put the crushed chilies on the side to allow the diner to choose how much to add. Naturally, I added them all.

Pad Thai from Sabai Thai
Pad Thai from Sabai Thai

I was in the mood for dessert, so I decided to give the Pineapple Wontons a try. Once again this was a superb dish. The wontons were crispy, and thin. The filling contained plenty of bits of pineapple in the cream cheese, but it’s the sauce/topping that makes the dessert. Thai Coconut Cream, Ice Cream, and Honey. Combined together these ingredient make a dessert that makes each mouthful a taste adventure.pineapple-wontons
Finally I went with the Thai Coffee for my beverage. I love Vietnamese coffee and was expecting something similar. However, the Thai beverage uses whipping cream or something similar, and is a naturally sweeter, and much smoother beverage. If both were placed in front of me to chose, I would definitely go with the Thai version.thai-coffee
Having tried a few of the Thai restaurants in Winnipeg, Sabai Thai definitely ranks up there with the very best of them. The service is very good, and the space is very pleasant. One thing to note, their hours are 11-2 and 5-10.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.