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Royal Punjab Sweet House

Royal Punjab is now closed.

Royal Punjab Sweet House & Restaurant was the most recent destination for the Why Cook Wednesday Supper Club. Royal Punjab is located out in Fort Richmond, and on an evening like this I’m quite happy with the BRT. It’s just a short jaunt from St. Philip’s to the entrance to the transitway, and I’m able to get down to the south end of Pembina in quite good time.

A can't miss sign on Pembina Highway.
A can’t miss sign on Pembina Highway.

The Royal Punjab has gone through several iterations over the years. Included in these are a couple of Chinese restaurants and a Mongolian restaurant. You can still see the exhaust piping from the big Mongolian cooking pit as you enter the restaurant. The main seating area is really large, and we were seated off in a side room that could hold 30-40 if necessary. The ceilings are high and there is a general feeling of roominess in the building.

Seating area.
Seating area.

The prices were good, but the buffet was really well priced. It was $13.99. It’s not the largest buffet, but the dishes that were there were really good. In many ways it reminded me of the buffet at Dhoom on Donald, but with 2 or 3 extra dishes. The buffet choice was so popular that I was the only one in the group who didn’t go for it. One good feature of the buffet is that when they came around with the Naan bread, there was plenty to go around. There was no need to flag down a server later to get a refill.buffet-plate at Royal Punjab

Royal Punjab a la Carte:

I decided to go for the Lamb Vindaloo with rice. The menu made it appear as the rice was an add-on, but when I went to pay at the evening I discovered that it was included in the base price of the dish. As I was eating it seemed that all I was going to get was bone on lamb, but there were several nice boneless chunks of lamb as well. The Vindaloo was reasonably hot and spicy. It left me on the edge of the, making me sweat, level of heat. To wash it down I enjoyed a Kingfisher Beer. It’s light, crisp flavour went well with the spicy food.Royal Punjab Lam Vindaloo rice
beer selection from Royal PunjabAs always the conversation and company is the best part of these evenings. I was seated next to my friend Gerry Bowler. A recently retired U of M history prof, Gerry is also a renowned scholar on the subjects of Christmas and Santa Claus. Although, this evening the discussions revolved around British Panel shows as well as the world of education.
One of the other features I liked about this place, is that we were in no way rushed. The service was good, and they came around to make sure our water was topped up, but otherwise we were left in peace to enjoy each others company.

By Donald McKenzie

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