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The Meal Jesus Gave Us (Holy Communion)

The Meal Jesus Gave Us A few weeks ago I sent out a request, via Twitter and Facebook for books on the Eucharist.  In particular, I was hoping to find ones that dealt with the subject of the Eucharist in the terms of a meal. Among the suggestions I received was Tom Wright’s The Meal Jesus Gave Us: Understanding Holy Communion.  The book was suggested to me by my friend and colleague Geoff Woodcroft, who was also kind enough to…Continue readingThe Meal Jesus Gave Us (Holy Communion)

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Snakes on a Plate

Snakes on a plate comes from keeping an eye on neighbourhood restaurants. A few months ago, while strolling down Portage Avenue, I saw on the corner of Portage and Lipton, a new little restaurant by the name of Café Ce Soir.   I made note of it, with the intention of visiting one day.  As is often the case with new restaurants, I looked to discover what their internet presence was, and started following their Facebook page. While scrolling through…Continue readingSnakes on a Plate

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Book Review – Eat With Joy

In writing about food and theology, I’ve constantly been frustrated by how little emphasis is put on the role of eating together in our understanding of how we approach our relationship to food.  One of three things usually occurs.  Either the author gives idea of eating together a token acknowledgement, before the authors move on to their real point, whether that be localism, veganism, eating all bread, eating no bread, food justice, and so on.  If not that, eating together…Continue readingBook Review – Eat With Joy

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Pop Up Brunch

Raw:Almond has become a big hit on the Winnipeg winter dining scene. I’ve gone to three of the brunches and one of the dinners and I’ve gathered them all together here. The pop up brunches have been the best part.  Much has been made over the Raw:Almond pop-up restaurant.  The Winnipeg Free Press has covered it a couple of times, the link is to the second of these articles.   You can also find out about it on the local CBC…Continue readingPop Up Brunch

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Shawarma Khan – Review

Next week marks six years since Shawarma Khan opened in the Exchange District of Winnipeg. Since then there has been a location opened at Investors Group Field, along with Obby Khan’s Green Carrot Juice in Osborne Village. Recently Khan has opened a third location. This one is what was home to one of my favourite coffee shops Twist Cafe. This seems like a natural fit, as the owners of the building are PInnacle Staffing. One of the owners of Pinnacle is…Continue readingShawarma Khan – Review

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Twist Cafe

  Twist Cafe closed about a year or so ago, and was replaced with Twist Bistro. This didn’t revive anything, and Twist Bistro is now also closed. Update to my update. The former Twist location is now the latest location for Shawarma Khan. I haven’t tried the new location, but you can find my review of the original location, at the following link. My last post, on the Ellice Cafe, featured a place that had been one of my regular…Continue readingTwist Cafe