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Edna Staebler: A Life-To Experience Wonder

Edna Staebler: A Life I have a little book in my library entitled Sauerkraut and Enterprise.  It contains a series of stories around the lives of a family of Old Order Mennonites in the Kitchener-Waterloo area of Southern Ontario.  The author of the book was Edna Staebler, who was best known for writing a series of cookbooks with the word Schmecks (roughly meaning tasty, yummy) in the titles. One day I was browsing the recommended for you section on my Kindle.  In it…Continue readingEdna Staebler: A Life-To Experience Wonder

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The Meal Jesus Gave Us (Holy Communion)

The Meal Jesus Gave Us A few weeks ago I sent out a request, via Twitter and Facebook for books on the Eucharist.  In particular, I was hoping to find ones that dealt with the subject of the Eucharist in the terms of a meal. Among the suggestions I received was Tom Wright’s The Meal Jesus Gave Us: Understanding Holy Communion.  The book was suggested to me by my friend and colleague Geoff Woodcroft, who was also kind enough to…Continue readingThe Meal Jesus Gave Us (Holy Communion)

Reviews and Such Books Common Eating

Book Review – Eat With Joy

In writing about food and theology, I’ve constantly been frustrated by how little emphasis is put on the role of eating together in our understanding of how we approach our relationship to food.  One of three things usually occurs.  Either the author gives idea of eating together a token acknowledgement, before the authors move on to their real point, whether that be localism, veganism, eating all bread, eating no bread, food justice, and so on.  If not that, eating together…Continue readingBook Review – Eat With Joy