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Red Top Drive Inn

Over the last few months, I’ve featured a lot of the restaurants that are in the vicinity of St. Philip’s. Most of these have been North and or East of the church. At the same time, my job involves me working at St. Mark’s as well. St. Mark’s is located further south off of St. Mary’s just past where St. Anne’s diverges. There are several restaurants along the route, one of the most notable being the Red Top Restaurant.

Red Top has a great little sign.
The Red Top Sign. Top of the list at the little strip mall.

Red Top Review

The Red Top Drive Inn is a classic diner. The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and supper. They’ve also teamed up with SkiptheDishes to offer delivery service throughout the day. From the street the building doesn’t look all that imposing.  However, when you enter you discover it is divided into two sections separated by the kitchen and front counter. There is plenty of seating, but you are likely to find the restaurant very crowded at peak hours. The first time I thought of going, I found there was a large line up waiting for a seat, and so decided to put off visiting that day.

Front counter and kitchen view at The Red Top
The view from the front counter looking into the kitchen.

The second time I went the Red Top was still very busy, but I found myself seated quickly. I was also served quite quickly despite the number of people in the restaurant and the side of the restaurant I was on having only one server.  I went again today, and while not quite as busy, the service was every bit as excellent.
I figured that one shouldn’t go to a place like the Red Top without trying the burgers. So that’s what I went with the first time. I ordered the Top Burger Plate. This is their bare bone hamburger, single patty with no cheese.  Despite being the most basic, it is more than satisfying. The burger itself was well cooked and beefy.  There were plenty of toppings on it. Alongside was a large pile of fries, plus coleslaw. The coleslaw was creamy without being overly wet and sloppy.

Red Top Burger Platter
The burger platter at Red Top Burger.

The next time I had the beef and lamb Gyro with fries.  I must admit that I couldn’t tell that there were two types of meat.  However, the meat that was there was very tender.  The Gyro wrap was fluffy and not overly doughy in texture.  The sauce for the Gyro had just the right amount of sloppiness to it, without the flavour being overwhelming.  I like the fact that there was plenty of vegetables in there as well.  The side of fries was large and well cooked, although I seemed to get the tail end with a lot of small pieces.  This wasn’t the case with my burger plate.

Lamb and Beef Gyro
The Lamb and Beef Gyro. Quite delicious.


The fries on the side of the platter.
Fries on the side of the platter.

I was with a parishioner the last time I went.  He ordered the bacon and eggs breakfast. They made a mistake and brought him potatoes instead of tomatoes.  However, as soon as they realized that, they went back and made the change, and the tomatoes arrived within just a few minutes.  This reinforced that service is important at the Red Top.


The Red Top certainly qualifies as a classic diner.  This is a place where the meals are hearty and the service friendly. If you’re heading down St. Mary’s take the time to stop off at the Red Top Drive Inn.  You’ll be glad you visited this family run place.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.