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Red Lake Coffee Co Truck

Saturday was Canada Day, and as always, I was on the lookout for various food experiences as I traveled through some of the sites during the day. Red Lake Coffee Co was one of the place I visited.

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I started off my day with a visit to The Forks, made a brief trip through Osborne Village, back to The Forks, and then ended my day at the St. Norbert Celebration.

Along the way I made a couple of visits to the new Fools and Horses location at The Forks. I also stopped at the BBK Barbeque trailer for my lunch. I’ll be writing up both of those in the next couple of weeks.

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The logo on the door of the Red Lake Coffee Co. Step Van.

The main reason I ended my evening out at St. Norbert was that Sweet Alibi was the closing act just before the fireworks. If you are a fan of close harmony singing, this Winnipeg trio is one that you need to check out as soon as you can.

Red Lake Coffee Company

A secondary reason for visiting St. Norbert was that the Red Lake Coffee Co truck was going to be there. Red Lake Coffee Co. is a Winnipeg based coffee roaster with an ownership that has roots in Red Lake, Ontario, hence the name.
Coffee roasting is their main business, and they supply several shops with their coffee. Most notably for my experience, is Strong Badger. They also have this coffee truck, which is more of a festival truck. That is, they aren’t regularly on the streets, but you will find them at events like the St. Norbert’s Farmers Market. Last year they also teamed up with Nick’s for a special evening event. As a food truck I’m evaluating it as follows:

Red Lake Coffee Iced Tea
Red Lake Coffee Co’s Fruit Iced Tea.


Their prices are on par or a little lower than any other specialty coffee shop. Plus, and this is a big thing on a hot summer’s day, they have bottled water available for only $1.00. That’s always a plus. 5/5


They carry pretty much all the beverages that you would expect form a specialty coffee shop. That includes several teas, hot chocolate, and iced varieties of the above. 4.5/5

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Hot Chocolate from Red Lake Coffee Co.


The coffee is good. I really enjoy the hot chocolate. It’s rich and creamy and a nice way to keep warm as an evening cools off. I tried the iced tea on Saturday. It was a fruit iced tea. Nice and refreshing. They don’t add sugar so you don’t have to worry about that taking away from the refreshment factor. 4.5/5


All the beverages come in cups that are easy to carry. No need for an additional sleeve. Plus all their containers appear to be compostable. 4.5/5


The servers are friendly and knowledgeable. Drinks are prepared quickly and efficiently. 4.5/5

Red Lake Coffee Co Truck Overall

I’m always a little surprised that there isn’t a coffee truck doing daily business on the streets. This truck fills this gap nicely when it comes to special events. If you’re out and about and see this truck, definitely pay them a visit. 4.5/5

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