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R U Caribbean Me Food Truck

Earlier this year I was followed on Twitter by a new food truck called R U Caribbean Me?! They told me they were hoping to hit the streets this summer. I kept my eyes open for the truck, but had almost given up hope that it would hit the streets this year. Fortunately, R U Caribbean Me?! made out as part of ManyFest this past weekend.

R U Caribbean Me Truck
The illustration from the side of the R U Caribbean Me truck.
Broadway Beat - Will Ferrell, '...
Broadway Beat - Will Ferrell, 'SHAOLIN', The Fantasticks & TOMMY

Even better the wait was definitely worth it. R U Caribbean Me?! is the second Caribbean food truck to join the Winnipeg food truck scene. The menu here is focused more on traditional/authentic Caribbean cuisine. This makes the truck a nice contrast/complement to Island Fusion.
So here are my usual food truck related thoughts on R U Caribbean Me?!

R U Caribbean Me?! Value:

The top end on this truck is the Jerk Pork or Chicken dinner. The one I ordered came with chicken, rice and peas, salad, and a beverage for $12.00. The prices aren’t tax inclusive (I’m listing with tax), but they do work out to round dollar or half-dollar amounts. On the other end are the spring rolls for $1.50 each 6/$7.50 if you are looking for a light snack.The patty was $4.00, and the pulled pork poutine worked out to $10.00. Portion sizes were generous. 4.5/5


Selection was reasonably good. I particularly like that you can get small items such as the spring rolls. Also, as they were debuting at ManyFest, it was probably a good decision to go with fewer items.

R U Caribbean Me Jerk Chicken
Jerk Chicken from R U Caribbean Me



Thie food i had was consistently good. I had two favourites. The patty, which had a flaky shell, and was filled with well seasoned ground beef. Then, there was the jerk pork poutine. For a truck serving authentic cuisine, this dish stole the show. There was rich jerk seasoning. that was also spicy enough that I didn’t even need to add hot sauce to enjoy and experience the heat. This poutine will stand up against any in the city. I rank it in my top five of all food truck dishes. 5/5

A great tasting Jerk Poutine
One of my all time favourite food truck dishes. Jerk Pork Poutine.


All of the of the meal type items I ordered came in re-closeable containers. The only potential drawback I found was that the gravy was at risk of making the container with the poutine soggy. Both the spring roll and patty came in little foil containers. 4.5/5

Spring Roll from R U Caribbean Me
R U Caribbean Me Spring Roll


A delicious Patty
The patty is well filled and with good, flaky pastry.


Solo mango flavoured drink
A Mango flavoured Solo


An event like ManyFest always makes it a little difficult to judge service. However, the people I dealt with were friendly and maintained a cheerful attitude on a busy day. 4/5

R U Caribbean Me?! Overall:

It’s late in the food truck year, but I think that’s all the more reason for people to seek out this truck. Follow their Twitter feed to find out what’s going on, and visit them sooner rather than later. This truck is a great new addition to Winnipeg’s streets.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.