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Quesada Burrito – St. Mary Avenue

Often when I’m at Holy Trinity, I like to find a place for lunch that I can get out to and back quickly. My favourite spot is Bodegoes in Cityplace, but I like to try other restaurants as well. One restaurant I’ve visited recently is Quesada Burrito on St. Mary Avenue.

Quesada Burrito, burrito bowl
A spicy ancho chicken burrito bowl.
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With the pandemic raging, even when the restrictions were looser, the place was never very full. When in store dining was available they did a good job of spacing out the tables. The tables are nothing special, but they do have a variety of tables sizes and counters.

Now of course, it is simply delivery, take out, and pick up. I have found the service to be quick and efficient every time.

Quesada Burrito Nacho Lunch

As a restaurant Quesada Burrito is a Subway serving Mexican food. If you click on the link you will see all the toppings available. Most of them are included in the price, but it is a dollar extra for guacamole.

You can add a good pile of toppings on your nachos.

As you go through the line you wind up with a fairly good mix of toppings for the nachos. The one thing about them that I would like to change is the chips. They do not toast particularly well. Still, the nacho plate makes for a nice lunch.

Tacos and Burritos

My second visit I went in for a taco and a burrito. For the taco I ordered the hard shell version. I generally order the soft tortilla type, but growing up, hard shell were all I knew. So, I thought I would go for the memory.

Some of the filling in the taco escaped the shell on the walk back to the office from Quesada Burrito.

The burrito is quite substantial. It would make a meal all by itself. However being in a hungry mood that day, I also added an order of chips, salsa, and a drink.

Quesada Burrito
The burrito is quite large. It makes for a filling lunch all on its own.

Quesada Burrito and Food Rescue Canada

My third visit contained a surprise, one that connected the restaurant back to my job at Holy Trinity.

At Holy Trinity, we are serving lunches, one day a week, to people who find food hard to come by. As our volunteer and donor base increases we are hoping to be able to offer meals at least twice a week. We also hope to be able to be a drop-in space, once pandemic restrictions are eased.

Just last week we made a connection with an organization called Food Rescue Canada. This is a project developed by Second Harvest. The aim is to connect food from suppliers with groups that are serving those in need in their community.

We signed up to be a recipient organization. We have already received our first donation of food, courtesy of Peak of the Market. I intend to write our experience with them more fully in the near future.

So, I went by Quesada Burrito once more, and lo and behold, as I am looking at the menu monitor, there flashes a message. It turns out Quesada Burrito is one of the donor partners of Food Rescue. In this case, when certain menu items are purchased, the restaurant makes a cash donation to Food Rescue.

An order of two churros along with caramel sauce.

The burrito bowl shown at the top of the post is one of the items that was part of the November fundraising effort. The churros were also on the list. This meant that in addition to an enjoyable meal, I was able to buy a couple of items that help an organization that helps out the work that I am involved with at Holy Trinity. This seems like a win all the way around, in my books.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.