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Pho Mama’s Noodle House

Sometimes I hear about a restaurant I should try, but don’t realize how close to me it actually is. Pho Mama’s Noodle House on McPhilip’s Street is one. I’ve had several friends comment on Pho Mama’s. Yet, somehow I’ve missed out on the fact that it just down the street from Lucky Supermarket. I guess I should have played closer attention. Especially since it’s open until 3 am and most restaurants in the area are closed by 10, or so it seems.
Pho Mama's sign
At any rate, a couple of weeks ago Pho Mama’s ended up being the choice for the Why Cook Wednesday’s Supper Club that I’m part of. I’m glad the invitation to this place came, because after a couple of trips I know it will be a semi-regular place for me in the futureI’ve since moved and it is no longer close enough.

Dining at Pho Mama’s

Eating Pho On The Streets of Hanoi,...
Eating Pho On The Streets of Hanoi, Vietnam #shorts

Pho Mama’s offers a wide range of Asian foods. My first trip, with the supper club, I went with the Vietnamese choices. After all if you have Pho in your name, you should probably have Pho in your game.egg roll
I wanted to try a few menu items. I started off with two shrimp and pork salad rolls. I added a fried siopao, and then a spicy beef soup. Knowing the portion size of soups in Vietnamese restaurants, I went for the small. As typical the small was as large as most non-Vietnamese restaurant large.
Looking back through my camera pictures I can’t seems to find the one of the siopao. I can only assume that’s because it was so good I ate it right away. Deep-fried to a golden brown on the outside, the bun itself was a sweet concoction that is as any doughnut the doughnut shops offer. It has a meat filling that could use a little bit more seasoning to heighten the savoury contrast. Even without it, this was still the highlight of my dining at Pho Mama’s
The salad rolls were quite fresh, and the peanut sauce they came with had a real peanut as opposed to peanut butter flavour to it. There was plenty of beef in the spicy beef soup. It also had plenty of spice in it. I didn’t need to add any to get a good buzz from the soup.
Yesterday, I returned for a second visit. I had been out at HSC and decided to drop by rather than go home and prepare supper in the stifling heat. Having ordered from the Vietnamese portion of the menu, I decide I would go with Chinese this time around.
As I suspected, while good, the Chinese food wasn’t quite as good as the Vietnamese food. I ordered an egg roll, a shrimp cracker, and Szechuan Pork. The shrimp cracker was the disappointment of the order, as the shrimp was overcooked and the cracker was dry and rather flavourless. The egg roll was enjoyable, but nothing remarkable.

Pho mama Szechuan pork.
Szechuan pork.

Fortunately the Szechuan Pork, being the main dish of the meal was also the best quality. I would have liked there to be a little more of the sauce that it came with, but the sauce that was there came with plenty of flavour and bite.
One good thing about Pho Mama’s is that the portions are very large. If two people go they could come away with a large meal for about $25.00-$30.00 tax and tip included. Having just discovered this place, I’ll definitely be back for future visits.

By Donald McKenzie

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