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Pho Hoi An – Sargent Avenue

This is a new post on Pho Hoi An, a Vietnamese restaurant on Sargent Avenue. I originally wrote a review a couple of years ago. A couple of months ago I switched from WordPress hosted to self hosted. Unfortunately somewhere in that process I lost that original post.

Pho Hoi An Vietnames Coffee
The Pho Hoi An Vietnamese Coffee after it had already been filtered.
A Rice Cake You NEED To Try | Vietn...
A Rice Cake You NEED To Try | Vietnamese Banh Chung

So, while this post will only deal with my most recent visit, it does reflect two or three other past visits. I might even be able to add a couple of old photos. For some reason the photos weren’t lost in the switch over.

Pho Hoi An Setting

The restaurant is located in a strip mall that is on the corner of Sargent Avenue, and Young Street. next door neighbour to Pho Hoi An is DeliBrazil Cafe. The interior is pleasant, but rather non-descript. There are several tables, mostly four seaters.

If you take a seat facing the back of the restaurant, there is a television, generally playing local TV. I don’t remember all my visits, but I do know on one of my visits in 2017, I was able to watch the Bomber game while I ate my dinner.

The gallery above includes my comments on some of the dishes that I tried at the time of writing for the initial review. The caption under the spicy beef soup say a “a definite go to dish for future visits.” As it turned out, the spicy beef soup is in fact one of the dishes I ordered last night.

Appetizer and Soup

Pork Rolls
The pork salad rolls were big, and well stuffed.

I arrived at the restaurant at about 7:20 pm. Even though the main supper rush is over by then, there are still several tables being served. Business must have been good yesterday, because as I came in, I held the door open for the owner who was coming back from a late service grocery run.

When I said I was by myself, I was motioned to take a table along the far wall. I only needed to wait a minute or so, before he came over with a menu, and a glass of water. The menu at Pho Hoi An runs to several pages. I knew that I wanted to try an appetizer and mostly like one of the soups.

There are several salad rolls on the menu, but mainly they contained a mixture of pork and shrimp. I’m not a huge shrimp fan, so I went with the pork only salad roll. For soup I ordered the spicy beef noodle soup. Which, when I look at my uploaded pictures, is one of the dishes I had tried while doing my original review.

The pork rolls were stuffed to the breaking point. The thing that really stands out about them is the amount of pork that is in each. Often the pork amount sort of covers about three quarters of the top layer. These salad rolls have pork from end to end, and at some points there are even two layers.

Spicy Beef Soup and Coffee

Spicy Beef Soup
The Spicy Beef Soup is a great option from Pho Hoi An.
Pho Hoi An Fixings
There is quite a pule of basil to go along with the bean sprouts.

Once again the soup did not disappoint. The spice level is not overly high. However, it’s noticeable. The soup also contains a good quantity of beef slices, as well as the beef balls. The broth is also rich enough that you don’t need to add any of the condiments that are at the table.

The one surprise of the evening is that my Vietnamese Coffee with condensed milk came to the table after the coffee was already prepared. It didn’t affect the flavour, but part of the enjoyment of Vietnamese coffee is watching it drip through.

There also isn’t any water if you want to add some. Although I suppose is I found it to strong, I could ask for some more. However, I almost never find coffee too strong.

A couple of other things that I like about Pho Hoi An. One is that you never have to ask for the utensils you want. Each table contains a little caddy that includes knives, forks, chopsticks, soup spoons, etc. The other thing I really like is that you are never going to be rushed during your meal.

Remembering that it is open until 9 pm, Pho Hoi An will continue to be the kind of restaurant that I want to visit, over and over.

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