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Pho 5-Star Vietnamese Eatery

Pho 5-Star Vietnamese Eatery is a new Vietnamese Restaurant in a location formerly occupied by a Vietnamese restaurant. The previous occupant was called Vietnam.

Pho 5-Star salad rolls
The Crispy Pork Salad rolls at Pho 5-Star are fresh, flavourful, and fat.

The first thing I notice as I am walking in, is that the decor is completely changed. When the restaurant was Vietnam, it felt crowded. Pho 5-StarVietnamese Eatery is spacious. Perhaps the coronavirus is the cause, but the place seems to have slightly fewer tables. Gone also is the large screen TV that seemed always to be on.

Instead of tables with a glass cover over them, the tables here are a nice medium brown wood finish, paired with black chairs. Along the wall that marks the building’s end, there is a large blackboard containing hints of what the restaurant has to offer.

While the service is good, because of the pandemic, I did not get a chance to measure service at any time the restaurant is busy. In addition, not only are there fewer tables, but they do mark out which tables are not available to do physical distancing practices.

Pho 5-Star Chicken

I knew that I would get around to ordering a rare beef pho, so I decided on my first visit to go with something different. I chose the Chicken Pho, which is a roasted chicken leg served in the soup.

Pho 5-Star Chicken Pho
A crispy roast chicken leg highlights this soup from Pho 5-Star.

I have tried this soup at several places over the years, and I like this one the best. The chicken is really well seasoned, and the skin is good and crispy. Along with this I ordered a couple of the grilled pork salad rolls. They are literally bursting at the seams. Fresh and loaded with flavour.

Rare Beef Pho

On my second visit I ordered the Rare Beef Pho. Like the Chicken Pho this one has a rich broth. The portion is plentiful. The beef could be a little rarer, but on the whole I really like this.

Rare Steak Pho
Rare Steak and meat ball pho.

On each visit I order an appetizer as well as a main dish. This time it is the spring rolls. They were really crispy, well filled, and they were served piping hot.

spring rolls
Crispy, tasty spring rolls.

No review of a Vietnamese restaurant is complete without trying Vietnamese coffee. Given that the weather at time of  my visit is quite hot, I order an iced coffee. The Pho 5-Star version is a little different. Instead of a glass with ice, there is a bowl with ice. This is added to the coffee rather than vice-versa, keeping in cooler a little longer.

Wings and Vermicelli at Pho 5-Star

On trip number three I order wings and a vermicelli bowl. Like the chicken in the Pho I ordered on my visit the wings are well-seasoned and crispy.

Crispy wings.
The crispy wings deliver on the crispy end of things.

The vermicelli bowl is the one item I did not take a picture of while I was at the restaurant. It does lack in little in the vegetable toppings end of things. There is cucumber, for example, but only a few small pieces. {It is possible the pandemic is making some vegetables hard to obtain}. As a result I ended up with my chopstick load of noodle and nothing else. Still what is there is very good.

The prices here are good. On the whole the food is high quality and the portion sizes good as well. Several dishes go beyond good to great. The new interior is much more pleasing and relaxing than the former Vietnam decor. I imagine I will wander by here occasionally in the future.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.