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Sadly, Peg Beer Company has gone out of business.

My first trip for Le Burger Week took me to Deer + Almond. I thoroughly enjoyed that trip. So, for my second trip I wandered into the East Exchange to pay a visit to Peg Beer Co. This of course means trying to navigate my through the City of Winnipeg’s Construction Obstacle course. I swear the city must have someone whose job it is to look for promising new businesses opening and then to order roadworks out in front of them.
The restaurant space is divided into two sections along with patio. Despite the number of seats, you might want to make a reservation, because the place is likely to be very busy. My first visit I went with a friend and colleague, We enjoyed a couple of drinks while discussing our lives as priests.

Peg Beer Co Charcuterie

My first visit was an early evening visit. Not eating beforehand, I was in the mood for something somewhat substantial. I ordered the charcuterie. I ordered a half order figuring I could add a little something along the way if that wasn’t quite enough. It turns out that the half charcuterie order is plenty for one person. Not only was there plenty of variety, but the quantities made for a good meal.
The deli meats are terrific, including a spicy salami with plenty of spice. The homemade pickles were wonderful, and the choice of bread great too. Top it off with some Smak Dab mustard to dip it in, and you’ll never go wrong with one of these.

PEG Beer charcuterie
A well varied charcuterie board from PEG Beer

For my first beverage I chose the Black Bridge Milk Stout. This is the one that I tried to order at Peasant Cookery. It was a rich, satisfying stout. I changed things for my second beer, ordering the Red Racer IPA. This is a light, citrusy, beer that went down well on a full stomach.  Alison also had a Red Racer and another beer by the same company that isn’t on the current menu.

Peg Beer Stout
Black Bridge Milk Stout.

Peg Beer Co – Le Burger Week

On my return visit, I went specifically because it was Le Burger Week. As I mentioned earlier, Peg Beer Co, tends to fill up quickly. Fortunately, when I got there I was given a seat at the bar.  Sometimes being on your own works out all right. I ordered Le Burger Week special, which is the Peg Forno Burger. This is the description:

Oven roasted ground chuck on a house made ISA onion bun, with balsamic tomato sauce, cappocollo, Bocconcini cheese, pesto aioli and arugula.

What I really liked about this burger is that the add-ons didn’t overwhelm the basic burger. From a pure burger perspective, this is one of the best I’ve tried, Le Burger Week or no. It was moist, tender and chewy, and the beef flavour really shone through.

Le Burger Week entry for PEG Beer
PEG Beer Co’s entry into Le Burger Week.

I ordered the burger along with an ISA and Aged Cheddar soup. The soup is quite enjoyable, although I wish the cheddar came through a little stronger.

Peg Beer Co soup.
Aged Cheddar and ISA soup.

Relaxing with a beverage

Being that Peg Beer Co was so busy, I was able to enjoy my beverages at a leisurely pace. This was helped by the fact that the bartenders didn’t push me to make my next choice. Too many places start asking if you want a second beverage before you’re halfway through your first. At Peg Beer Co, I was allowed to finish the one before moving on to the next.
I am a stout fan, and I noticed there were two new stouts on the menu. Both of these are from Winnipeg breweries. My first choice was the Diesel Fitter, by Torque Brewing. This is a rich, and creamy stout. It has a lot of Guinness about it, but it has a sweeter finish. After trying that I switched to the Grandfather’s Sweater, by Barn Hammer Brewery. This is a lighter, and smoother Stout that is really well suited to being an accompaniment to any meal.

diesel fitter e1500135175141
Diesel fitter


grandpas sweater e1500135231106
Grandpa’s Sweater

I really like being able to order the beverages in different sizes. This gives me an opportunity to try variety while keeping down the amount I consume. This is beneficial to my pocketbook and my waistline.
One more thing you should take note of. You don’t need to be a beer drink to enjoy Peg Beer Co. First off, the food itself is stellar. Secondly, they offer several non-alcoholic beverages. I find the service to be quick, friendly and efficient. Although, it is busy, so you may wait a bit for your food. Le Burger Week is almost over. However, there are still many reasons to visit Peg Beer Co, and you should make time to do so.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.