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Parlour Coffee Main Street North

I originally wrote this post about Parlour Coffee about a year and a half ago.  I wrote it for bubsblurbs, my other, no longer extant, blog, but thought that it belonged here.  Obviously some of the things in the post have changed, but the coffee from Parlour is still every bit as excellent.

Parlour Coffe sign
The sign says it all. Straight up and simple.

One of the joys of working smack dab in the middle of downtown Winnipeg at place like Holy Trinity, is the number of places one can get to easily on foot.  For example, just across a big parking lot from us, is Aqua Books.  Sadly, Eat! Bistro, which operated inside the bookstore is now closed, but Aqua Books will thankfully, be remaining as a vibrant literary and cultural center for downtown Winnipeg. Parlour Coffee is going to be another such place. 

Down Graham avenue about four blocks is Twist Cafe.  They serve great food and really good coffee there.  Along with that they have the best serving staff in Winnipeg.  This place is my home away from home.  If you ever see me in there working away on my netbook stop by the table and say hi.

The Parlour Coffee Americano.
Original Thoughts on Parlour Coffee

Recently, Parlour Coffee opened up on Main Street.  I don’t get there too often, but I try to get there once in a while, because they make the best cup of coffee in Winnipeg, hands down.  Not only that, but they make the best coffee beverage  in town. 

By coffee beverage I’m referring to drinks such as caffe latte’s, cappuccinos, mochas, etc.  Since they’ve opened I’ve tried almost all the drinks they make(it’s a relatively small number, since they don’t have piles of sugar and calorie loaded choices), and will say that I have been pleased with everyone that I’ve had.

20190420 100257 e1555949195465
Coffee and Mugs.

I could tell you all about what coffee they use, etc., but they have a website I linked to earlier and it will do a better job than I would.  Beyond the flavour, one thing I really like about the coffee is that it sits really well on the stomach.  You know those kind of days, when it seems like coffee is the main thing you have ingested, how, at about the third or fourth cup your stomach feels so bad you can’t drink another drop no matter how good it tastes.  When when that fourth cup is from Parlour Coffee it not only tastes terrific, but it won’t bother your stomach.

20190420 100240 e1555949275361
More coffee selections.

Now it is true that you will pay more for the coffee.  Think of it this way though, Pot of Gold chocolate is one price.  Chocolate from Morden’s or Constance Popp is higher, but I for one, given the choice, would not choose the former over the latter if I really wanted to treat myself.  The saying is “you get what you pay for” and with Parlour Coffee what you get is the best coffee in Winnipeg.

Parlour Coffee is the shop that started my love for third-wave coffee shops, and the brews they sell. Below, is a list of other shops I’ve reviewed since then.

By Donald McKenzie

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