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Vientiane Thai Restaurant

Today marked a return visit to Vientiane Thai restaurant. I’m on holidays, and I hope to use that time to post a whole bunch of new material, as well as update some older posts. As I was going through potential post I realized that it has been 8 years since I wrote up Vientiane Thai. One thing I notice when I look at thes4e old reviews I didn’t really pay attention to decor. They seem to be almost entirely about…Continue readingVientiane Thai Restaurant

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SMITH Restaurant, Inn at the Forks

SMITH restaurant is the onsite restaurant at the Inn at the Forks hotel. As the name suggests, the hotel is located on The Forks site. SMITH is a restaurant that I probably should have reviewed a few years ago. It’s a place I go to every so often, but somehow never get around to writing about. SMITH is the second restaurant to be housed in this hotel. The original restaurant was called The Current. I think I only visited once,…Continue readingSMITH Restaurant, Inn at the Forks

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Feasting and Putting Folks in Their Place

Feasting is one of the main themes in yesterday’s Gospel reading. The video, which should show up somewhere on the page, contains my sermon from yesterday, when we celebrated Holy Baptism and the Eucharist. I’m trying to get it to run without ads, but it doesn’t see to want to work for me.  The lections for this Sunday can be found at Vanderbilt Divinity Lectionary. We used the Jeremiah, Psalm 81, Hebrews, and Luke readings. The verses I refer to…Continue readingFeasting and Putting Folks in Their Place

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How to Feed a Dictator

How to Feed a Dictator  is one of those interesting and unexpected finds that you come across when searching through bookstoreContinue readingHow to Feed a Dictator

Restaurants Reviews and Such

Smitty’s Restaurant 580 Pembina Hwy

When I think of Smitty’s, two things come to mind. The first is the family pancake restaurants. The second is the softball teams they sponsor. I don’t hear much about them now, but a couple of decades ago, they were stars of the Canadian softball scene. Smitty’s is a popular place if you wish to go and watch a Bomber or Jets game. Given my general dislike of crowds, I haven’t visited on these occasions, but their a recently priced…Continue readingSmitty’s Restaurant 580 Pembina Hwy

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Lake of the Woods Brewing Co 242 Hargrave St

Lake of the Woods Brewing Co, on the main floor of the Hargrave Street Market is one of those places that has become a bit of a hangout for me. While I’m always on the lookout for new, and different spots to eat and drink, I always appreciate a place that can become a second home. When I look for a place that I will want to visit regularly there are two things that I look for. The first is…Continue readingLake of the Woods Brewing Co 242 Hargrave St