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Original Sorrento’s – 529 Ellice Avenue

A version of this post appeared in West End Tastes, my new column for The West End Streets.

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For this first column, I’m visiting one of the long-standing restaurant anchors. Sorrento’s on Ellice Avenue. Sorrento’s is a traditional Italian restaurant and bar that has held a place in the West End since 1975.

When Sorrento’s is open, there are large windows that face out onto Ellice Avenue. When the restaurant is closed the shutter roll down to display a lovely Mediterranean scene.

The restaurant is divided into three sections. Two containing restaurant seating, and the third holding the bar. There is a good combination of table sizes to fit various groups. As it’s Covid-time right now, several four seaters have been turned into two seaters.

I’ve been in a few times, and I quite enjoy the atmosphere and the service. The service is attentive, and allows you to dine at a leisurely place. Which, when it comes to dealing with the portion sizes is a good thing.

My first times eating food from Sorrento’s were during office lunches when I worked for L.C. Taylor. It’s only in the last couple of years, however, that I’ve actually visited the restaurant on Ellice.

Sorrento’s Suppertime

Having eaten here before I decided I would keep things simple with an appetizer and an entrée. I ordered the fresh Tomato Bruschetta along with the Lemon Chicken.Sorrento's Bruschetta

The Bruschetta comes with tomato chunks piled high on half a bun spread with garlic butter. There are four pieces in the order. Easily big enough to be shared among four. I’d say you could share it among eight.

Next came my salad. This was not a separate order, but part of the Lemon Chicken entrée. It came heaped up on a small dinner plate. I had the Sorrento salad, my favourite from there. This contains mainly lettuce with a mixture of cold cuts, along with shredded mozzarella. One of the reasons that this is my favourite is that it has a good, vinegary dressing.Sorrento Salad

Finally, the rest of the entrée came. The Lemon Chicken being served in an oval platter swimming in a mushroom gravy. I ordered the rice for my starch and there was also a pile of vegetables, what would be called a winter mix, broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower. These three all were cooked with a good bit of crispness still in them.Sorrento's Lemon Chicken

Pork Tenderloin

Sorrento’s was one the places that I checked out when restrictions were eased earlier in the year. This is another time when I ordered from the Main dishes section. This time around it was the Pork Tenderloin with Peppers. Sorrento's Pork Tenderloin

The photo above is the Tenderloin and Peppers. This is a huge, deep bowl. There is a pile of pork. Given the rich gravy, it creates a nice and tender, tenderloin. Much like the lemon chicken, the dish comes with salad and sides.potatoes and veg

The winter mix is the vegetable of choice on the side dishes. They are always good and crisp. The potatoes also had a real good crunch on the outside with a soft interior. side salad

Of course, when visiting a restaurant like Sorrento’s, it’s always good to add a class of wine to the meal. This time around it was a glass of red. Sorrento's wine

The menu here is quite large. Which means there is always reason to return, because you know that you are missing out on something.

I’ve only paid a few visits, so I haven’t tried everything. I really did enjoy the Italian Style Ribs that I tried on one of my previous visits.

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