Ordination Anniversary Celebration

Last year on Saint Andrew’s day I celebrated the day and my ordination anniversary with a variety of Scottish food and beverages. This year is a milestone year, as yesterday marked 10 years of ordained ministry.

anniversary single malt
I started my anniversary celebrations with the Auchentoshan, a lowland whisky.

Ordination Anniversary Planning

So I'm the Patron Saint of Irel...
So I'm the Patron Saint of Ireland

Given that I thought I try and do something a little special and celebrate the day with some good single malt, among other things. In preparation for the day, I posted in the Manitoba’s Bartenders Guild group on Facebook. This a group that I joined a little while ago to make up for my lack of knowledge of cocktails, etc. They are also the group that sponsored the Bruichladdich  Scotch tasting event that I attended earlier this year.

I receive several good suggestions. The number suggestion is the Toad in the Hole in Osborne village. . I took their advice and made my plans, intending to go to the Toad for 6 pm. I also invited any friends who wanted to join me. However. I didn’t bother to check when the Scotch was available and it turns out that the Toad only opens it’s whisky bar at 8 pm on Fridays. I still need to make a visit to Toad in the Hole to see what the list is really like.

Now, I could have waited, but I’ve reached that point in my life that I like to be in bed by a reasonable hour,. If I wanted to enjoy my beverages during an extended evening, I needed to start early. Yes, I am old.

One of the people who had responded to my request on Facebook, was Stephan Poissan, the manager at the Langside Grocery   Langside grocery is a relatively new cocktail bar in the West Broadway neighbourhood of Winnipeg. Given where I was, the Langside Grocery is a fairly quick trip over from The Toad in the Hole.

Off to the Langside Grocery

Langside Grocery derives it’s name from the fact that it’s premises were, in former times, a grocery store. As I arrived I noticed that the building has big windows that are divided into many small panes. I had recently watched The Christmas Carol that Goes Wrong, and have been reading Gyles Brandreth’s, Oscar Wilde Mysteries, and thought the building has a real nice Victorian look to it.

Inside their are two long bars along the streetside windows, with two long banquettes along the interior wall. These banquettes feature a few tables, with some chairs opposite. It makes for a tight and cozy little place.

Langside Grocery opens at 5 pm every night, and when I arrived at 6:30 pm I was the only person in the place. I took a seat at a table at one end of the smaller banquette. Then I  went to take a look at the whisky’s behind the bar. My server came and asked if I would like anything to drink, and brought me their whisky menu when I told him what I was looking for.

They don’t have a large selection of single malts, but I was simply hoping to try a couple that I hadn’t tried before. Looking over the menu I chose the Auchentoshan Three Wood. This is a lowland single malt whisky which derives it’s name from the fact that is aged in three different types of wood casks. This is the scotch pictured at the top of the post.

Langside Grocery is more of a drinks and nibbles place than a restaurant, so there’s a limited menu. However, they do offer a decent charcuterie board, and since I hadn’t had supper that’s what I ordered to go along with my scotch.

Chatting with the Manager

While I was enjoying my beverage and waiting for my food, I had a chance to talk with Stephan, the manager,. Stephan made the response to my Facebook request. He is a former dancer with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, who retired a couple of years ago. He then took his current position with Langside Grocery. Stephan is a friendly and engaging individual. I’ve run into several ballet people working in the service industry over the years, and have inevitably found them really good people to deal with.

Anniversary charcuterie
A compact but crowded charcuterie board.


20181130 185105 e1543684175148
Bread to accompany the charcuterie board.

The charcuterie board itself, is quite compact, but the emphasis here is on the delivery food rather than placing it in decorative fashion. There were three different cold cuts, which I liked,. Among the other items that were on the board, I really appreciated that there was a good little pile of almonds. Often there are just two or three for decoration.

Langside Grocery cocktail
The Penicillin, a scotch based cocktail at Langside Grocery.

Enjoying the Charcuterie

While I ate my charcuterie, I decided to order a second beverage and this time chose a scotch based cocktail. This one’s called The Penicillin, it’s base is Johnny Walker Red Label, and has a bit of Lagavulin to give it a bit of extra flavour. The picture above doesn’t quite do it justice. The actual colour is more bright orange, but I am really fighting with the lighting. I found this to be a really tasty cocktail.

As I was enjoying this drink the place was beginning to fill up. Soon, there was a party of four that was seated at the table next to me. They were quite willing to go with that arrangement and the server was quite happy to have me remain where I was. However, since the bar by the window was completely empty I decided to move there. Before I left the server recommended to the table The Penicillin Cocktail, a recommendation I heartily endorsed.

After moving I had finished my cocktail and was considering what scotch I would order next. While I was pondering my decision, my server came up with another penicillin cocktail. It was a complementary beverage from the party. It was much appreciated, and I took the opportunity of thanking them before I left.

Anniversary creme brulee
Creme Brulee, a little sweet dessert to help top off the evening.

Scotch and Dessert to end the evening

After finishing my second cocktail, I decided I wanted one more scotch and a little bit of dessert to go with it. For the dessert I chose the Creme Brulee. It is good and smooth. There’s a sugary top that gives a really good crack when you hit it with the spoon.

My final scotch for the evening was the Oban 14 year old. This scotch seems like a good introduction scotch for people who haven’t drunk scotch before. It doesn’t have much of the fiery character of the more peaty scotchs, but has a really smooth flavour and is easy drinking. A nice way to finish the evening.

I ended up spending the evening on my own. However, the staff at Langside Grocery made the whole evening feel very relaxing and comfortable. Langside Grocery is definitely a place I intend visiting again.

On the way home, I stopped in at Safeway and ran in to my friend Merle West. Merle was the parish administrator at Holy Trinity when I was ordained. Her grandson was the first person I baptized, so that encounter was a fitting end to this anniversary evening

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.