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I decided I wanted to switch my open mic videos from a page to a post.

As you may know if you read Dining with Donald on a semi-regular basis, I enjoy singing at various open mic events around Winnipeg. Occasionally I also sing at coffee houses for fundraisers, etc. I’ve taken to recording some of these performances and putting them up on YouTube.

Most of these are shortish videos and since I try to go for medium length posts, they don’t lend themselves particularly well to becoming part of my regular posting practice. So, I decided I would create a video page where I can upload them.

That way anybody who wants to listen to them to help in digestion(as opposed to creating indigestion) can visit this page, and the posts will focus primarily on food. I don’t perform that often, but it will be the kind of page that if you come back every 3-4 weeks, you’ll find a couple of new videos at least.

I’m starting with my most recent and working my way backwards. I plan on giving a little description with each video. All copyrights in these videos belong with the original composers, lyricists, and musicians, etc.

CaRaVaN Open Mic, July 13th, 2020

I have not recorded many of my performances in 2020. This is one from middle of June, just after we started outdoor open mics at X-Cues.

My songs were Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain, and Whispering Hope.

CaRaVaN Open Mic, March 4th, 2019

The early part of the year is the time of preparation for things such as the Annual General Meeting at church, so I haven’t had as many opportunities to hit up open mic nights. This video is from March 4th at X-Cues.  I sang Johnny Cash’s I Walk the Line, and Harry Belafonte’s version of Sylvie.

The rule 4 that I refer to at the beginning of the song is:

There are no bad performances just practice for next week.

The first three rules of CaRaVaN Open Mic and Open Stage are:

1) Never apologize.

2) No profanity

3) F rule number 2.

CaRaVaN Open Mic, January 21st, 2019

Tonight I did Let it Be Me, my favourite Everly Brothers tune, and Give My Love to Rose, a sad, story song, by Johnny Cash.

Strong Badger Open Mic, January 4th 2019

It’s been a while since I posted anything. Here are my selections from the January 4th open mic at Strong Badger Coffeehouse. #1 Anniversary Song Sol Chaplin and Al Jolson #2 Big River – Johnny Cash – House of Cash #3 Hey Porter – Johnny Cash – House of Cash As with all the songs I perform all rights remain with the original writers and artists.

Strong Badger Open Mic, December 7th

Last night at the Strong Badger Coffeehouse Open mic, I did some Christmas tunes.

1.) You’re a Mean One Mr. Grinch. Music: Albert Hague, Lyrics: Theodore Geisel(Dr. Seuss) 2.) Blue Christmas Written by: Bill Hayes and Jay W. Johnson 3.) The Christmas Song. Written by Bob Wells and Mel Torme.

As always, I own none of the rights to these songs.

CaRaVaN Open Mic, Open Stage, December 3rd

The Last Farewell by Ron A. Webster and Roger Whittaker.

You Don’t Know me by by Cindy Walker and Eddy Arnold

As always, I do not own the rights to these songs, all rights remain with the original creators and their companies.

CaRaVaN Open Mic, Nov 26th

Back at X-Cues Lounge for the CaRaVaN Open Mic, Open Stage night.

My first song was “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain,” by Willie Nelson
My second song was “The Impossible Dream,” from The Man of La Mancha, Music by Mitch Leigh, Lyrics by Joe Darion.

Strong Badger Open Mic, Nov 23rd

It’s been a little while since I was last at Strong Badger, but this video features, “Cold, Cold Heart,” by Hank Williams, “He’ll Have to Go,” by Jim Reeves, and “Man in Black,” by Johnny Cash.

CaRaVaN Open Mic, Nov 12th

This video is from the CaRaVaN Open Mic that I sing at on Mondays. This one was shot at Forth Coffee and features Hank William’s “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry,” and “On the Street Where You Live,” from Lerner and Loewe’s, “My Fair Lady.”

Caravan – November 5th

This was the first of the CaRaVaN videos that I made. I sang “Try to Remember,” from the Fantasticks, and the second is Elvis’s “Love Me Tender.”

Sunshine Song – Strong Badger Open Mic

This is my favourite, not because of the quality of the performance, but because the song was written by my Great-Grandfather, William “Fighting Mac” McKenzie, and Anzac chaplain. This was a marching song from WW1.

Geoff and Donald Sing Johnny

This is a fun little video of me and my friend(and now boss) Geoff Woodcroft singing a couple of Johnny Cash as he was preparing for one of the refugee fundraisers he did. There are a couple of other videos on my channel of Geoff singing on his own.

Donald with The Narwhals

The Narwhals are the band that Bishop Geoff is part of, and a few years back they came to St. Philip’s to do a coffee house fundraiser. I sat in with them for three songs. “Folsom Prison Blues,” “Ring of Fire,” and “I Saw Her Standing There.”


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