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One Great City Brewing Company

Recently I headed up to One Great City Brewing Company. I first visited this place on The Winnipeg Trolley Company tour. I also ordered from them earlier in the year.

One of the things that I liked was that there is a lot of room at One Great City. When I visited last week one of the things I noticed is that they have really high room dividers between tables. This provides a really good barrier between people dining.

I’ve visited a couple of restaurants between eating here and writing this post. As far as the room dividers go, I realize it’s also a good, quick way to provide separation. Something that can be taken down and put up again easily, if necessary. This is good, strategic, long-term thinking.

One Great City Witbier
The Belgian Esprit Witbier from One Great City.

Ordering in From One Great City

One thing I need to do more of, is make sure that when I order from a restaurant that I haven’t visited in a long time is that I make sure that I don’t order the same thing as the last time.

I ordered the beer and cheddar soup, which I knew I had ordered when I visited on the tour. However, I really enjoyed that soup, and wanted to try it again.

What I didn’t realize is that the Kung Pao ribs I ordered for delivery was something I had tried on my tour visit. While it didn’t diversify my experience of the One Great City menu, they were delicious.

Unfortunately for the purposes of this post, those photos are also in some sort of storage limbo.

Patio Visit

The weather in Winnipeg has been very hot in the last little while. Fortunately, the day I decided to visit One Great City, there was plenty of cloud and breeze. Given that, I decided to eat my meal out on the patio.

The patio is located to the side of the brewery, along Ness Avenue, The patio is surrounded by a fairly high wooden fence. This gives you a bit of a feeling of seclusion, despite a busy street and parking lot being right next to you.

One Great City Menu Card
The menu at One Great City is accessed through a QR-code.

When I was shown to my table, I was given a small card with a QR code on it. This is their preferred method for accessing the menu. It cuts down on paper, and allows for less contact with surfaces. However, they do have paper menus for those without smartphones.

Fish and Chips
My fish and chips dinner.

Having dealt with so much food when I visited Altanour, I decided I would order only one dish, and no appetizers. I was going to order dessert as well. Unfortunately, and my only disappointment here, they had changed the dessert, but hadn’t updated the menu. The one I wanted wasn’t available, so I stuck with just the fish and chips.

The fish and chips are great. The batter on the chips is light and crispy. It’s also relatively thin. The fish is well cooked, and only needs a bit of the lemon to bring out its full flavour. I found the chips good and crispy. It would be nice if there was a little bit more of the apple slaw, but I really like the way it tastes. Finally, I really enjoyed the tartar sauce. There seems to be a little less pickle than most, and I like that. A great dip for the fries.


The service at One Great City is really good. One thing I always appreciate is when staff are keeping an eye out for all the tables. So, if my server is tied up, some member of floor staff is dropping off water, or letting your server know you appear ready to order. The staff here did a great job of that.

One Great City Beers

For my meal this time around, I only had the Belgian Esprit, a witbier. I am no expert when it comes to beers, but I found this to be a good, light choice to go with my meal. I’ve tried all of the various core pours from One Great City, and I’ve enjoyed them.

If you are looking for an evening out on a patio, you can’t go wrong with One Great City Brewing Co. The beers, the food, and the service are all top-notch.

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