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On Broadway

One of the advantages of having a job where your hours and breaks don’t occur at set time is that you can take a more leisurely approach to lunches.  Combine that with working downtown and I’m able to wander off a few blocks from the office to find interesting lunch fare.  Today, I wandered up om Broadway during my lunch break to see what was new in the world of lunch trucks.  Not all the lunch trucks up their are new this year, but they are new to my dining habits. Below are some pictures of the trucks, (I didn’t include the hot dog carts), of the trucks that were out today.

The Get Stuffed truck on Broadway.

This is where I ended up getting lunch from today.

The Pizza Potamus truck. One of the many trucks on Broadway.
Offering pizza and wings and some other menu odds and ends.


When on Broadway, look for the Falafel Queen truck.
This was my first choice, but the lineups were longer than I was prepared to stand around waiting.

Shawarma Queen Review

On Broadway' s east end, you'll find the Beaujena's truck.
French style cuisine.

Beaujena’s review

In the end I went with Stuff-It.  I had the chick-pea curry main dish, with the lemon cucumber coleslaw, and a coke, for a total of $9.75 tax inclusive.
Value:  At $9.75 it’s certainly more expensive than a hot dog combo, but the quality of the food and the fact that it leaves your hunger feeling satisfied makes this a pretty good meal for the price.  4 of 5 stars.

Selection:  They offer four or five main dishes, both for vegetarians and carnivorous types, along with the same number of sauces and sides.  The combo I had was their signature (basic), but there are other, larger ones available (contents and prices posted on the side of the truck).  4.5 of 5
Quality:  the food was really fresh, which makes for good eating at anytime.  The sandwich was tasty, the curry mild, but I spiced it up with the hot sauce choice(Sriracha).  The coleslaw was a little disappointing.  Given that cabbage is not in season, it would be nice if it was marinated a little.  Also, the lemon was hardly noticeable. 4 of 5, since the coleslaw is not the main focus of the meal.
Portability:  This is important to me, but not necessarily to others, because I like to walk and eat at the same time.  The combo comes with three containers, if you count the can of Coke, and I only have two hands.  Since both the coleslaw and the sandwich are in open containers there’s no way to protect against spillage.  I sat and ate the coleslaw in its entirety before proceeding on my way.  I can also see this becoming a favourite spot for wasps as the weather gets colder. 2 of 5
Service:  Friendly and personable.  There are two people working the truck and they expedite the orders with quickness and efficiency. 4 of 5
Overall:  4 of 5, since the things I didn’t like are matters of secondary importance.  This is certainly a place you will want to try.
Finally, here’ a picture of the lunch I ordered today.

My sandwich from Stuff It.
Chickpea curry with Lemon Cucumber Coleslaw

By Donald McKenzie

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