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Nuburger – Forks Market Location.

After my reviewing got me featured in the Winnipeg Free Press on Saturday, I figured I should follow it up with a new review. The overhaul of the eating opportunities at The Forks Market is an ongoing interest of mine. I’ve written about Simon’s and Fusian Experience, and today I’m adding Nuburger,
Despite going through Osborne Village on a fairly regular basis, I don’t often hit the side streets, so I’ve never been to the original Nuburger location. However, once I saw that they are open at The Forks, I put my mind to visiting ans seeing if it was as good as I heard. If you have a chance to read the Free Press article you’ll find that I’m not a huge burger fan, but I enjoy them a few times a year.

Nuburger Chicken Burger

Generally when I visit a place that is known for a specialty I try the specialty and another item or two that don’t qualify as specialties. First, I believe if you put something on the menu, it should be good, not necessarily great like you specialty, but god. Second, it allows for a greater diversity of people to come together over food.
That being the case, I ordered a Chicken Burger on my first Nuburger visit. I also decided to go with the multi-grain over the regular burger bun. I really enjoyed the burger, although I found the multi-grain bun to be a little crumbly.

Tender moist chicken with a good mix of toppings from Nuburger
Tender moist chicken with a good mix of toppings.

For a side I decided to not go with fries and chose the Asian Slaw. This was a surprise as far as the portion was concerned. It’s listed at $3.25 on the menu, so I was something of a half-salad portion, but it was a full portion size. The dressing was really good with a nice vinegary piquancy.

Nu Burger makes a well-dressed salad, with a good mixture of crisp vegetables.
Well-dressed salad, with a good mixture of crisp vegetables.

Burger Time at NuBurger

When I headed back for my second visit, there was only one choice for me. The Deliciousmosttatious Bacon Cheddar. If you’re familiar with me from this blog or other things such as Twitter posting, you’ll know that I believe bacon is nature’s perfect food.
However, the bacon still shouldn’t overwhelm the burger in the Bacon Cheddar Burger. At Nuburger this is not the case. The beef burger comes through strong and clear. It brings the fresh off the BBQ flavour that one hopes for in a good burger. This time I went with the regular burger bun and there’s a good burger to bun ratio at work.

Nuburger bacon Cheeseburger
A tasty Bacon Cheeseburger from Nuburger.

This time around I went for the yam fries as my side. These were also really good. They have a crispy outside with a chewy outside, and the crispy stayed from start to finish of the meal.

Nuburger yam fries.
Crispy, chewy Nuburger Yam Fries.

A couple of minor disappointments. Small glass bottles of Coke at $2.25, and the Chipotle dipping sauce. It seems that as Chipotle becomes more popular it’s distinctive, smoky flavour is being taken out in favour of the let’s make every Chipotle sauce taste the same approach to food marketing. I would hope a place such as Nuburger would be able to produce a Chipotle dipping sauce that is as unique as it’s burgers.

Nuburger Chipotle sauce
A run-of-the-mill Chipotle Dipping Sauce.

By Donald McKenzie

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