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Not a Waffle Taiyaki Ice Cream Shop

Not a Waffle is a little ice cream cream shop tucked away on Langside Street just north of Portage Avenue. It’s on the bottom of a building that houses among other businesses, the offices of the West End Biz.

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Since I wrote this post, Not A Waffle has moved from Langside to 709 Corydon Avenue. This is a good thing, as the building that housed them was destroyed in a fire in the early part of 2022

Not a waffle ube ice cream
My taiyaki cone, with ube ice cream, syrup, and toppings.

I noticed this place around the time I first visited Cafeaze cafe. Due to Covid, Not a Waffle was a little later reopening.  Even in ideal times the shop only holds about a dozen people. There is a window counter, and three or four tables set up inside.

However, with Covid being what it is, they are currently only open for takeout. However, until the last few days, they did have a couple of tables and a bench available outside.

Not A Waffle sign
A sign from Not a Waffle, explaining what Taiyaki is.

Going for a Not a Waffle Cone

On my first visit I ordered one of the Waffle Cones. However, I forgot to take any pictures of it, and so once the place reopened I ordered a waffle cone again.

Taiyaki is a fish shaped waffle cone. Traditionally it is filled with Adzuki paste. Adzuki paste is a sweet bean paste. However, over time Taiyaki is becoming more and more associated with ice cream.

The picture up the top is what I ordered on my latest visit. It contains Ube ice cream, the Taiyaki cone, chocolate syrup, and gum drops and a strawberry wafer.

Despite ordering a hard, rather than soft ice cream, I am able to scoop ice cream into the cone. The waffle is not overly sweet, and the textures of the ice cream and the cone blend well together. This is a great snack for a hot day, and even for a cool day.

Matcha Latte

In addition to ice cream treats, you can also get a variety of coffee and tea style beverages. On

matcha latte
A matcha latte from Not a Waffle.

I really enjoyed this latte. I have occasionally ordered them at other cafes. What I like about this one is that is the Matcha is quite strong. It reminded me of drinking a well steeped green tea from a Chinese restaurant. If I am ever in the mood for a Matcha Latte, this is the first place I will think of visiting.

bubble tea
You can find bubble tea at Not a Waffle.

Bubble Tea

One of the beverages you can find at the shop is Bubble Tea. One day I need to do a count of all the places in my neighbourhood that sell bubble tea. I think the number is around 25-30. However, under the principle that you can never have too much of a good thing, Not a Waffle is another welcome addition to this category.

Their mango bubble tea with tapioca balls makes for a refreshing and surprisingly filling beverage. It felt like I had enjoyed a nice, light lunch by the time I was finished.

If you are looking for something a little different in the dessert category, Not a Waffle is a great place to visit. I don’t get down Corydon all that often, but stopping at Not a Waffle will make those trips more enjoyable.

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