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Nonsuch Brewing Company – East Exchange District

Nonsuch Brewing Company is a brewery and taproom located in the East Exchange District of Winnipeg. The space it is in was once occupied by Peg Beer Co, Sadly, Peg Beer Co didn’t survive, but Nonsuch Brewing Company is a really great replacement. The taproom is located near the Concert Hall and several theatres, if you want to visit pre- or post-show.

I would probably be here frequently in the next few weeks, but unfortunately the Fringe Festival is cancelled this year.

Nonsuch small plates
The Baba Ganoush is not currently on the menu, but it is a delicious dish.

Nonsuch derives it’s name from Nonsuch the ship. This ship inaugurated the fur trade between England and what is now Canada. The name is a contraction of the words None Such, meaning unparalleled.  I visited the Nonsuch many years ago, but do not think I would ever want to have to sail on it.

First Visit to Nonsuch.

I had tried a couple of Nonsuch brews before I ever made it to the taproom. I don’t have a picture of it, but they do make my favourite beer. This is their Saison. Despite having a higher APV, I find it lighter and more refreshing than many other similar brews.

Arriving at Nonsuch you have a choice between patio and inside. Since my first trip is the middle of winter, I like everyone else, go inside.  There are two distinct areas. The first, as you walk in has a large communal table, and some other small ones. Along the wall next to the door way there are two or three taller tables. As you move toward the front of the building, there is another area with several tables.

When I arrived all of these are full. Fortunately in addition to all that seating, there is a chef’s table that allows you a view into the kitchen. This is where I end up being seated.

Nonscuh Tuna Tartare
A wonderfully seasoned and delectable Tuna Tartare.

I wanted something adventurous, and so I chose the Tuna Tartare. This dish is off the charts. The raw egg mixes in beautifully with the tuna and the seasoning and herbs hits the spot. The dish is served with a hardy house made bread.

Nonsuch bread
Hardy and tasty bread.

The tap room offers pairings of the small plates and the beers. However, you don’t need to stick to those choices, if you have other preferences. To choose your beer, you look through the menu, and then go to the tap wall, where one of the servers will pour you the beer you choose. The staff are all well informed and always willing to assist.

sampler size
Nonsuch offers beer in various sizes, allowing you to try several without having to drink too much.

Back for More

The second time I visited, I sat at one of the tables close to the wall, by the entrance. Now, Nonsuch tends to change their menu from time to time. This is a good thing, as they are focused on fresh, seasonal, and local food. On the other hand, when you put off writing a review because of Coronavirus, you may have trouble remembering everything.

The item I ordered is the Baba Ganoush, which contains: cherries, squash, and honey among other things. While, if you look at the menu you might find these items a little on the pricey side, the dishes here are all quite satisfying along with being incredibly fresh and tasty.

Creme Brulee
The creme brulee makes a nice, light dessert option.

This time around I added dessert. I ordered a creme brulee and I really liked it. The toppings are fun, and the sugar has a great crack to it. The creme itself is smooth and holds together well.

Nonsuch Patio

My most recent visit is to the patio at Nonsuch. The day I came, the weather was threatening rain on and off. I got a few drops on me as I walked up to the taproom. Fortunately, other than those few drops, I stayed dry the whole time I sat on the patio.

Nonsuch pate
The Nonsuch country pork pate. Creamy pate, and crisp crackers.

For food I chose the pork pate. This is a rich, creamy pate, wrapped in bacon. Like the bread, the crackers are home made. They are good and solid and hold the pate and mustard really well.

Nonsuch Capiche Stout
The Capiche Cappuccino Milkshake Stout has a really nice coffee finish.

I chose the Capiche Cappuccino Milkshake Stout to drink. This reminds me of the Fort Garry Stir Stick Stout. The big difference is that this one is a little stronger in the coffee flavour, along with being a little smoother in taste.

Nonsuch is a great place to visit. The staff is fantastic. The food is very tasty. Plus with rotating taps and rotating menus, you will enjoy new experiences on a regular basis.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.