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Nhu Quyhn West End Treasure

Nhu Quyhn is one of my favourite restaurants in Winnipeg. I first wrote this place up almost six years ago. I’ve been there on and off since then, but after a recent visit I wanted to do an update. 

Not much has changed here over the years. The tables are still covered with the same plastic table clothes. It still is fairly busy anytime you go in. Best of all the food is all still very good.

Nhu Quyhn Spring rolls
My order of spring rolls consists of six of the rols.

On my last visit I arrived later in the day. So, even while there was a certain busyness about the place it wasn’t overly busy. I was greeted and seated quite quickly and looked over the menu .

Nhu Quyhn Meal

I ordered an appetizer, main dish, and a beverage.

Appetizer:  Spring Rolls (6 in Order)

Main Dish: Beef Stew with Noodles

Beverage: Jackfruit Shake

My Spring rolls are good and crispy. Each one is well filled, with a well-seasoned pork mixture.

Beef Stew
A hearty dish of beef stew with noodles

The Beef Stew with noodles is excellent. Although it is called a stew, it is really much more like a soup. The broth is thin, although very flavourful. I am very much impressed by the amount of beef that is actually in the dish. The chunks are quite large and it does require a bit of effort with the chopsticks to pull them into bite sizes pieces, but they are quite tender once you bite into them.

The Jackfruit Shake is my favourite cold beverage

When at Nhu Quyhn I usually make one of two beverage choices. If I want something hot to drink, I choose the Vietnamese Coffee. If I want something cold to drink, I choose the Jackfruit shake. Winnipeg being as warm as it is these days, Jackfruit shake is my choice.

They say change is good. However, I like that Nhu Quyhn stays the same. Delicious. 

Nhu Quyhn

The West End of Winnipeg receives a lot of negative press.  Some of it is justified, some not.  Often lost among these criticisms is what a wonderfully diverse area of the city this is.  Nowhere is this diversity better displayed than in it’s restaurants.   Much of the food of Folklorama which shows up for two weeks in August, is on daily display in the West End.

One of the best examples of this is at Nhu Quyhn, a restaurant featuring Vietnamese and Chinese food on its menu.  Nhu Quyhn sits in a nondescript little building on Ellice Avenue, between Sherbrook and Maryland Streets.  On entering the restaurant, you’ll find an interior that is only slightly more descript.

Nhu Quyhn Satay Beef is one of my favourites.
Nhu Quyhn Satay Beef. One of my favourite dishes at the restaurant.

However, this is one of those restaurants where it’s all about the food.  The menu, as is the case with many Asian restaurants is very large.  Having ordered from most of the sections over the years, I can also say that you find plenty of very good dishes throughout.

Good Value Throughout the Menu

The prices here are more than reasonable.  There are a couple of appetizers in the $4-5 dollar range, and most other dishes fall into the $8-12 dollar range.  You should note that rice doesn’t come with most of the Chinese dishes, but you can get a bowl for $2,  I usually get it for myself, but it could serve two quite nicely.

The salad rolls and the spring rolls are both good choices to start your meal.  The former being moist and fresh, and the contents threatening to burst the seams of the rice paper.  The latter are crunchy with a pleasantly spiced filling.  Nhu Quyhn offers excellent Phô along with a variety of other soups.  The large size servings are more than filling, while the small size are still plenty adequate.

Lloyd's Inn Surroundings (3/3)
Lloyd's Inn Surroundings (3/3)

I’ve tried the spicy satay beef, and while not overwhelmingly hot, it delivers a good little kick.  The sizzling plates, I”m not sure of their proper description, are also done well. They arrive at the table piping hot, and hold their heat for a good period of time.

Finally, Nhu Quyhn offers a wide variety of beverages.  The fruit shakes are very refreshing.  The Vietnamese coffee here is always nice and strong whether enjoyed hot or cold.  On top of all this, I have found that the service here is consistently quick, both in having my order taken and receiving my food.  The servers are also generally quite friendly.

If you think there’s no reason to visit Winnipeg’s West End, you need to try Nhu Quyhn. It might just be the first step in changing your mind.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.