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Myrna’s Restaurant 833 Sargent Avenue

Myrna’s Restaurant

I’m traveling a little west on Sargent Avenue for this month’s Taste the West End. I’ve been visiting Myrna’s. a Filipino restaurant that’s been part of this neighbourhood for a long time. I remember visiting not long after I moved into the West End, but it is only recently that I have returned.

Myrna's Beef and Broccoli
A really tasty portion of Beef and Broccoli from Myrna’s

Myrna’s specializes in breakfast and lunch. Hours of operation are from 8-4 during the week, 7-4 Saturday, and 7-2 Sunday.

Right from the start, Myrna’s is a place that you must be on the lookout for. From the outside the building is non-descript. However, when you walk in, you find yourself in a bright room, with a fairly large number of tables.

There are a few pictures on the side walls. There are also two televisions up on the wall. One of them plays through the menu. The other offers a variety of Filipino television shows that vary depending the time of day.

Myrna’s is one of the few places I’ve visited recently that seems to be doing fairly good dine-in business. On top of that, any time I have been in, the counter by the cash register always has four of five orders ready to go take out.

Fortunately, the staff at Myrna’s is both efficient and friendly. No worries about waiting for a table or service.

Lunch combo
The Pancit and Fried Chicken Combo. A satisfying lunch from Myrna’s.

Lunch Combo at Myrna’s

On my first visit to Myrna’s, I opted for one of their lunch combos. These come with Fried Chicken, a pasta/noodle dish, and garlic bread. I ordered the Pancit for my noodle dish. The chicken is well-cooked, with a crispy coating and the meat being tender and juicy. The softness of the noodles provides a nice contrast.

Along with the lunch combo I ordered two of the fried lumpia. These were much larger than I was expecting. Previously when I’ve had lumpia, they were closer in size to Vietnamese Spring Rolls. This is just an observation. I’m always happy when the portions are larger than I expect. These were well-filled with a good, crisp wrapping.

Short Order Menu

When I returned to Myrna’s I decided to check out the short order section of their menu. This time around I ordered the Beef and Broccoli. I didn’t remember to ask whether it came with rice, and so I ate it without any. Very Keto of me, I know.

It turned out to be a good thing that there was no rice. The portion is simply massive. I really liked that there is so much broccoli. Even more than that, I really enjoyed the fact that the broccoli was tender crisp.

It’s so easy to overcook broccoli, but this was cooked really well. The beef was also cooked well, flavourful, moist, and tender. Finally, there was a lot of gravy. Any dish that contains both a lot of solid food, and a lot of gravy, is a winner in my books.

The Canadian Breakfast Combo #2.

Myrna’s Canadian Breakfast

Recently, I went in and decided to try one of their Canadian breakfast combos. Along with a large variety of Filipino dishes, Myrna’s offers a few dishes such as a Canadian breakfast, Chicken Fingers, Fries, etc. These are more familiar to those of us raised with no experience of the broader culinary world.

Myrna's Coffee
Strong Black Coffee from Myrna’s

I chose Combo Number 2. This comes with a double order of hash browns, two eggs, two types of meat (I picked Bacon and Ham), and two slices of toast. This was more a nostalgia pick for me, as it seems like forever since I last went out for a full breakfast.

 I’m going to be heading down to Myrna’s in the future. I enjoyed my Canadian breakfast, but I also want to enjoy their Filipino Breakfast offerings.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.