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Moxie’s – Downtown, Kenaston

Moxie’s is a restaurant that I hadn’t visited for a long time. It was probably 15-20 years ago that I last had been to one. The only thing I remember from those visits were that the portions were rather large, and the dishes rather unimaginative.

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Then I got the opportunity to visit recently thanks to the Downtown Biz Patio Tours. That was at the downtown location at the “who will they add to the naming rights next,” arena.

Moxie's Biryani Dry Ribs
The Biryani Dry ribs from the downtown Moxie’s

Since then, there have been a couple of occasion where old friends of me and my family have come through for visits, and we ended up at the Moxie’s on Kenaston for lunch.

This has given me a chance to try out a variety of different items, and to observe the food others have received as well. So, I’m using a little bit from each location for this review.

One thing that Moxie’s features at lunch is their lunch combo. I really like this is that there are a variety of choices to make up your combo. There are a couple of sandwiches along with two salads, or two soups that you can mix and match.

A couple of weeks ago, old family friends from Edmonton dropped by while in town, and so my mom and I joined them for lunch at the Kenaston location. On this occasion I gave the soup and salad combination a try. I went with a Thai Chicken soup and the market salad.

I found the soup comes with a nice little kick, and the salad had a good mixture of greens and vegetables to it. The soup also comes with a piece of garlic bread, that is well flavoured and not greasy as some garlic bread can be.

A couple of weeks later I was heading out to Sam’s Place for an open mic night. I’ve reviewed Sam’s in the past, so I thought I would pay another visit to Moxie’s downtown.

This time I had the soup again, and ordered some Biryani Dry Ribs. The ribs are quite good, and there are plenty in the serving. The Biryani seasoning is a gentle spice experience.

Moxies Biryani Dry Ribs
The Biryani Dry ribs from the downtown Moxie’s

More Moxie’s Visiting

My fourth time at Moxies was just a couple of days ago. This time a couple who the family knew in our Montreal days were in town visiting family, and decided to connect with us as well. I was five when we left Montreal, so I don’t really remember them.

However, Larry, one of the couple, is someone who like me, entered professional ministry later in life. This gave us some common ground as we talked about our lives, along with learning about each others families.

It was again a lunchtime when I went to Moxie’s and I decided to give the Ginger Teriyaki Rice Bowl a try.

I really liked the fact that the vegetables still had a bit of crispiness to them. The portion size was quite good as well. The sauce had good flavour to it, the one thing I didn’t particularly like is that there was a little to much of it, causing it to somewhat drown the rice.

Moxies Ginger Teriyaki Rice Bowl
Ginger Teriyaki Rice Bowl from Moxie’s

Larry had a hamburger and fries, and really enjoyed the burger. Fiona, his wife, had the market salad. My mom had the broccoli cheese soup, which she also really enjoyed.

The service on each occasion I’ve been to Moxie’s had been very good. There is never a feeling of being rushed. The servers have all been good in making sure that water, etc. is looked after and properly refilled.

The one drawback is that, if you are a person dining alone, it’s not the cheapest place for dinner. Moxie’s is definitely a place I will revisit, whether downtown or out on Kenaston.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.