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Mooshiro Sushi: All I Could Eat

It’s been over six years since I last visited Mooshiro. My original post was on their all you can eat sushi buffet. In recent months I’ve noticed that they have added a Korean menu to go along with that. This is the menu I tried yesterday.

mooshiro tray
The tables are set with these plates. I guess they think most people are going for the sushi buffet.

Now, the first thing I need to admit is that I didn’t get a picture of my main dish. I decided to order the Beef Bulgogi. This is a good choice. The meat is quite tender, and tasty. There is also rice served in a separate dish. If you need more rice, they will happily bring it.

The first plate of sides, consists of edamame, and teriyaki pickled onions along with jalapenos.

One of my favourite things about Korean meals is the side dishes. With this meal I received four. The first plate contained edamame and teriyaki pickled onions/jalapenos.

Mooshiro sides2
The second set of side dishes were kimchi, and salmon mixed with sesame seeds.

The second two sides were kimchi and salmon mixed with sesame seeds, onion, and a few other things. Of the four sides, the pickled onions and jalapenos were my favourite. I received two sets of each side dish with my meal. In the second set, there was also a pickled clove of garlic with the onions and jalapenos.

Kirin Ichiban
Kirin Ichiban. I nice, light beer to go with the meal.

For a drink I chose the Kirin Ichiban. A nice, light tasting and feeling beer. The meal is quite filling, so a lighter beverage choice goes well. I will definitely being going back to give the Korean portion of the menu other tries. Also, the whole meal with tax and tip came to $30.00.

Original Post

Last November I paid a visit to Sushi Gen, on Portage Avenue.  My intent was to follow it up quite quickly with a visit to Mooshiro sushi.  Mooshiro is another all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant, located just past Portage and Maryland.  The first difference you notice between the two restaurants is that the Mooshiro dinner buffer, which I tried, is five dollars less than the Sushi Gen dinner buffet.  So, is it a better bargain?

My Three Basics at Mooshiro Sushi:

There is a lot of variety in sushi menus. There are though, three dishes that I usually try when I go to a new sushi joint.  The first is the Miso soup.  The Mooshiro Miso was definitely as good as Sushi Gen.  The second is the Wakame (Seaweed Salad).  This was rather disappointing as it didn’t have quite the flavour, and there didn’t seem to have any white sesame seeds on top.  The third is the dynamite roll, which is a little better, but still rather pedestrian.  All in all I’d call these three dishes a saw-off.
I decided to take a risk on a Torched Salmon Nigri, but the torching only hurt the texture and flavour of the fish.  Don’t order that one.  The Inari Nigri was quite large, but the pancake was a little doughy.  I did quite enjoy the Roe Nigri.

Mooshiro roll and Nigri
Dynamite roll and Nigri from Mooshiro.

The highlight for me was the Spicy Squid Noodles.  If was, like most of the dishes a decent sized portion.  This was good, because I got more of a dish that I liked.  It was bad because it contributed to me trying fewer items.  The squid was chewy without making you work at chewing.

The various tempura items I tried were on the disappointing side.  The mushrooms, which are the only tempura I have a picture of, were sliced and as a result were dried out.  This is unlike Sushi Gen where the mushrooms were buttons and very meaty.  There was too much tempura surrounding the shrimp and the yam which came on the vegetable offering was rather bland.  On the other hand, I also order garlic fried mushrooms.  These were also sliced but held their texture better, and had a strong, but not overpowering garlic taste.

Mooshiro noodles.
Spicy squid noodles from Mooshiro

Too top things off, I ordered two rolls.  I don’t remember both their names.  One was definitely The Totally Crazy Roll, and I believe the other one was the Volcano Roll.  Both were advertised as being very spicy, but I didn’t find that to be the case with either.  Both were generously sized, but there was too much sauced slathered on for my liking.  Still they were all right.

One of things I found at Mooshiro Sushi was that the food had a heavier feeling than at pretty much any sushi restaurant I’ve been.  That being said, a bowl of Strawberry Ice Cream took some of the edge of of that.  Ice cream was also available at Sushi Gen, but I didn’t have any.

One thing I noticed at Mooshiro Sushi was that the service was quite a bit quicker than Sushi Gen.  I don’t know if this planned, but I did find myself eating faster as well.  On the plus side, I also order green tea, and one of the servers gave me a refill of hot water without me needing to ask.

Mooshiro Sushi or Sushi Gen?

When all is said and done, if your primary concern is price, Mooshiro Sushi will give you a good dinner for you dollar.  However, if you’re not concerned with cost, I’d pick Sushi Gen.

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