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Miss Browns – William Avenue

I first heard about Miss Browns from Kelly Janz. Kelly is one of the co-leaders of Transition Winnipeg

I first heard about Miss Browns from Kelly Janz. Kelly is one of the co-leaders of Transition Winnipeg. She also chairs the Transition Food Group of which I’m a member. It was through this connection that I learned of Miss Browns, as a cousin of Kelly’s is one of the owners of this new restaurant.

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There is now a second location for Miss Browns. You can find it in the Hargrave Street Market Food Hall.*

*The Hargrave Market location is now the only one, as they have closed the one in the exchange. 

I recently stopped by the Hargrave Market location for the Brisket Hash for breakfast. Great brisket, fork tender, and a satisfying way to start the morning. 

Miss Browns sign
There is an attractive, well-lit sign out front of Miss Browns
Miss Browns flat white
A Flat white from Miss Browns.

Miss Browns is a sandwich shop replacing a sandwich shop. The William Avenue location had previously been the site of a Subway. Needless to say, the new restaurant is an upgrade in both style and substance. Miss Browns focus is on pressed sandwiches, as well as being a coffee shop.

Miss Browns window seating.
The window front seating in Miss Browns

Miss Browns’ First Customer:

I showed up early on opening day. So early in fact that the brown paper was still covering the windows. I walked past and was going to look for another place, but not finding one, I went back and wound up as the restaurant’s first customer. The first thing I noticed was the bright and open space that has been created. The windows let in a lot of natural light, and the high ceilings help heighten that effect. The seating is a mixture of a communal table, individual tables, a bar at the window, and a stand-up bar along the east wall.

Miss Browns long black
The long black from Miss browns

For my breakfast I went with the daily pressed egg special. I also added a berry danish. The pastries come from Sleepy Owl Bread. I had been given a chance to sample them over the holiday season, and was glad to try the full size version. For a beverage I went with the Long Black. The sandwich was a satisfying way to start the day.

My breakfast sandwich choice.

When I went back yesterday, I went in for lunch. In addition to the sandwiches, Miss Browns also offers soup and salad options. They are available in full size and half sizes. I went with a full size soup and a half size Asian slaw. For my sandwich choice I went with the Smoked Meat.

soup and sandwich
A delicious soup and sandwich combo from Miss Browns

I really liked the beef brisket in my sandwich, and the fact that it was thin sliced. The Havarti adds a nice little bite and the Arugula makes a good flavour contrast. As an aside Arugula seems to be the Herb Du Jour. The soup on for the day I went in was Chorizo bacon. The saltiness of the bacon really came through. It was a little more than I like, but if you read the blog, you know I use very little salt as a rule. The Asian slaw was highlighted by the Cilantro. I know some don’t like Cilantro, but I most certainly do. The best part is that the coleslaw, while moist, wasn’t drowning in dressing.

I liked that there was just a hint of dressing at the bottom of my coleslaw.

For my beverage choice I went with the Flat White. The milk adds just the right touch of sweetness to this drink.
Miss Browns offers counter service. The service is quick and friendly. I had no problems with any of my orders. This is a restaurant you definitely should visit soon.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.