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Martha Stewart I’m Not, and That’s a Good Thing

Warning: Rant About Martha Stewart Ahead

The video posted below features Martha Stewart discussing some of her likes and dislikes. In the middle of the video she goes off on bloggers. Apparently, we should have our voices silenced because we are not original.  In Ms. Stewart’s view this is an insult to all the great artists in the world.
More insidious is Ms. Stewart’s believe that only experts should have a public voice. We bloggers aren’t experts and so should be silenced.
Experts always know what’s best, just ask the Lehman brothers.  To quote an old, hoary cliche (which if nothing else should serve to tick off Ms. Stewart for it’s crassness) amateurs built the ark, experts built the Titanic.
Apparently, we post recipes that, horror of horrors, didn’t come out of a test kitchen. After all, nobody has ever made a great food discovery by accident.   We post recipes that are copies of other recipes.  I’m sure Martha Stewart has never done such a thing. Undoubtedly no one had ever put Turkey into Turkey soup before Ms. Stewart created the recipe for her empire.
Which brings me to what really lies at the heart of Ms. Stewart’s rant.  It’s about her empire.  It’s not about the living geniuses, but the dead presidents.  As she herself says in the interview, there is no such thing as too big,  There are however, threats to growth.  For example, a person who decides to follow a recipe they read on a blog might be less inclined to by a Martha Stewart magazine.  A person that finds a round baking pan works just as well as a square might decide not to purchase Ms. Stewart’s cookware.  Quel horreur!
Martha Stewart is like a petulant child celebrating her birthday.  She wishes not only for her presents, but the other children’s party favours as well.  This video is the grown-up equivalent of standing in the room, pouting and stamping one’s feet.
Well, Ms. Stewart, I’m a blogger and I’m here to stay.  I’m certainly not an expert. I make a point from time to time of reminding my readers that they should take what I say with a grain or two of salt. (non-iodized sea salt, of course). I might even see somewhat more eye to eye with Ms. Stewart if she directed her comments against the sort of blogger who likes to use expert to describe their skill level in all subject matters.  As it is I’m glad the world has more bloggers willing to share their knowledge and skills, and fewer Martha Stewarts, whose main goal is to sell stuff.
Martha Stewart I’m not, I’m Donald McKenzie.  I blog because I enjoy writing, and that…well, you know the rest.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.