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Marion Street Eatery

Continuing on with restaurants that are slowly re-opening, I’m revisiting Marion Street Eatery. I first reviewed this place back in 2014.

Marion Street Eatery Patio
The patio at Marion Street Eatery allowed me to physically distance to my hearts content.

I decided to head up there for a late breakfast. When I arrived I was offered a seat at the bar. Noticing that the patio was empty I asked if I could sit there instead. It was a little cloudy and breezy, but the temperature wasn’t too bad and I had the whole space to myself.

Cup of Coffee
A good strong cup of coffee goes well with breakfast.

Once seated I was brought coffee and water, along with the menu. The coffee is good and strong. The menu isn’t huge, but their is a good selection of items several of which were really tempting.

In the end I ordered the Lumberjack Breakfast. It comes with three eggs, bacon, ham, sausage, hash browns, and three pieces of toast.

Marion Street Eatery Lumberjack Breakfast
The Lumberjack breakfast is hearty and wholesome.

I find with three meat breakfasts, that one meat offering is often a disappointment. In this one, all three hit the spot. The ham was off the bone, rather than some sort of formed ham steak. The bacon was crispy, and the pork sausage was good and meaty without being fatty.

Homemade Strawberry Honey Jam
Strawberry Honey Jam.

I wrote in my initial review about how good the service is. This is still true. After my first coffee refill, my server came around to offer a second. I still had a lot of coffee, so I said, not at the moment. Often that results in a server not showing up again. On this visit, my server came by a little while later, and I did get that second refill. A little thing, but one I appreciate. 

Original Review

As I continue to settle in to my new parish, I’m also continuing to explore the dining establishments in the parish.  One of the newest ones is the Marion Street Eatery, located in the Marion Hotel at 393 Marion Street.  I first caught wind of the Marion Street Eatery through a Facebook post by a friend who used to work at the Ellice Cafe.  Then it kept cropping up here and there, so I figured I should give it a try.
I got my first chance to try it out when one of my brothers was visiting.  

He, I and my mom went for the Sunday Brunch.  We arrived well into brunch service, and the tables were all full.  We were told we would have about a 20 minute wait.  However, we were offered a seat at the bar, and a cup of coffee while we waited.  This certainly made the wait more pleasant.  On top of that, the 20 minute wait was only 20 minutes.  I know it’s hard to judge such things, but when 20 minutes start to stretch to 45 minutes, it makes me think I don’t want to return to such a place. So, the Marion Street Eatery was off to a good start.

Marion Street breakfast
Mexican Breakfast at Marion Street Eatery

When we were seated we were given a table in the back corner of the restaurant.  The tables are nicely spaced, so that you each table is able to carry on its own conversations.

The brunch menus we were handed had a nice selection on them that gave us several choices, but not so much that we needed to spend a long time making a decision. Between the three of us, we ordered the Mexican Breakfast, The Usual, and a Denver Wrap.  On the Denver Wrap, a fruit cup was substituted for the hash browns, with no difficulty or extra charge.

Despite a busy brunch service, we receiving our orders in good time.  While we were waiting and while we were eating, we also had multiple offers of coffee refills.  This happened because the staff at the Marion Street Eatery were on the lookout for all diners, not just the tables that they were serving, (a good selling point in my books).

Marion Street Eatery Beer and Cheddar soup
Beer and cheddar soup from Marion Street Eatery.

My dish was the Mexican, so that’s the only one I can completely comment on.  Both The Usual and the Denver Wrap were well prepared and the portion sizes were more than adequate.  I did enjoy my Mexican breakfast, but I would have liked a little more zing in the Salsa that came with it.  Not necessarily more heat, but perhaps a little more zest.

Marion Street Eatery for Lunch

Having tried the brunch, I wanted to try the restaurant at a different time.  The next trip was lunch.  Being on my own, I was offered a seat at the bar, which was perfectly all right. I asked for water and received not only a glass full, but a small wine container, filled with ice water so that I could refill my own glass.  I thought this was a nice touch.

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I took a quick look through the menu, and decided on the stuffed meatloaf.  As I’ve said before, I’m a big meatloaf fan.  Having tried the one from the Marion Street Eatery, I’m happy to say, it belongs up there with my favourites.  The outside was nice and crispy, while the meat on the inside was cooked through, with a filling that was nice and chewy without being mushy.  The mashed potatoes were good and creamy, as was the gravy which had the added benefit of being well-seasoned, but not salty.

The entree comes with a choice of side, and I went with the beer and cheddar soup.  The soup was rich and creamy with a smooth flavour.

All in all the meal could best be described as upscale comfort food.  However, given the portion sizes and prices, the Marion Street Eatery still manages to also qualify as a good value for your dollar as well.  Add in the fact that the service is above average, and this is one restaurant that you will want to return to on a regular basis.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.